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Bad Moon Rising - Sherrilyn Kenyon Ever since NIGHT PLAY I wanted to find out what was up with Fang but it wasn’t until this weekend that he finally yanked my chains in demand to be read. BAD MOON RISING begins with a brief history lesson how the animal Katagaria and the human Arcadians came to see the light of day. After this prologue Bad Moon Rising overlaps the time frame from NIGHT PLAY to recent events in the series arc. I received Fang and Aimee’s POV on various events like the death of Fang, Vane and Fury’s sister, Anya, the comatose state of Fang and Nicolette Peltiers accusation of Wren’s inferiority in front of the Omigrion.

While these events weren’t knew to me the reason for Fang’s comatose state was, add a revenge scheme going on against the Peltiers and I was kept pleasantly intrigued throughout this story. What Fang’s reason was for his physical state I won’t reveal but what caught me off guard was the fact that now Archangels and Lucifer’s son were present on the New Orleans playground. How far have I come from the time where I thought Dark-Hunters and Daimons ruled this playground. Of course this new angle and accompanying characters piqued my curiosity but it also furthers to dilute the strength in the cast of characters. There are very few characters who really stick out for me these days in this series as each and every character is interesting, bears secrets to be revealed, and has a large chip on his or her shoulder.

The first hundred pages or so went in to the back story of how Vane and Fang got to a point where they were attacked by the Daimons in the swamp and the budding attraction between Fang and Aimee. I instantly liked the feel of Fang and Aimee together and since much information of the events were already known I could really focus on them both together. Fang is all wolf, has a big mouth, an ego and a macho attitude but will do anything for his pack, his family and will protect females from any harm. With Aimee I got a good dose of Peltier family loyalty, their sibling interaction and she has secrets to hide from her family that were very interesting yet not fully explored what impact it had on her. Since Aimee has so many brothers Fang doesn’t scare her one bit and when he opens his mouth she has comeback’s full of attitude of her own. Still most of all Aimee has a big heart, she has a capacity to love though she knows pain and fear too.

The romance in Bad Moon Rising is sweet, endearing, charming and it speaks of coveting each other while knowing it is impossible. Fang and Aimee have a chemistry that is warm and sizzles at the right times though the outright passionate scenes are not all that frequent. It is the situation they find themselves in that press certain decisions which speaks loud and clear of their feelings for each other. There was no doubt in my mind they wanted and needed each other but the Fates are fickle creatures and will deem them mates or not in the end. Of course when all odds are against a pair I’m the kind of reader who wants it all the more and keeps reading, not for the when, but for how they will overcome all the odds and get to be together.

The romance and plot worked in an even pace that made the story very easy to read. While I missed the acerbic humor at times to counter the suffering with various characters and Fang suddenly figured out all Aimee’s carefully guarded secrets I had a very enjoyable time reading Bad Moon Rising. The story really revolved around Fang, Aimee, Sanctuary and the Peltier family and they pulled me in with quick-witted dialogues, in the moment action and far stretching consequences. It was good to be back in New Orleans with the old and new that headed towards an ending that made me say goodbye to a few characters I did not expect.

BAD MOON RISING is a story that gave me a pleasant buzz, nothing over the top but a story that had me clamoring for more nonetheless.