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Eternal Hunger - Laura Wright I knew the moment I read the blurb that ETERNAL HUNGER could possibly be a new series for me to get addicted to with a fascination for three brothers. Alexander, Nicholas and Lucian took me into their world of the Credenti, the Impure and The Order. They are sons of the Breeding Male, rebels living outside the Pureblood society and go their own way in life. Now there is unrest with the Impure’s and one steps up and takes their issues to a whole other level. One that threatens the Pureblood race and in extension, The Order.

I admit I had to get in to the terminology of this new world but the author made sure each term is explained. It wasn’t confusing as perhaps it demanded my complete focus to keep up with not only the world building, but also the introduction of many characters, the underlying current between the brothers and the attraction going on full force between Alexander and Sara. Laura Wright didn’t ease me in to her story but rather pulled me in and let me immediately feel the dynamic storytelling she possesses. Every ingredient was present that blended together in a rich layered paranormal romance that kept pulling me deeper in to the story.

I will always have a soft spot for leading male characters with attitude and you will find three of them in Eternal Hunger. Each of the three brothers has a past that left emotional scars, it’s what binds them: blood, loyalty, and an ‘all for one and one for all’ mentality. I was enraptured by all three with their larger-than-life attitudes but Lucian was the one for me. Nicholas and Lucian are top-notch male characters who pique the interest to discover what lies beneath their attitudes and add that much more to this tale with their bantering. However, ETERNAL HUNGER wasn’t Lucian’s story, it was Alexander Roman’s and Dr. Sara Donohue’s.

Alexander is ruled by the blood hunger but due to circumstances he goes through Morpho and the instinct to find his true mate roars. A new hunger to deal with and though Alexander is tortured in various ways and has a gruff and growly side, there are also moments where his tender side take control. I found him to be the kind of leading male that makes my heart beat faster each time he shared a bit of himself in the story. He was all protective of Sara, dominant most of the times but the sexiness of his craving for her just made me long for ice cubes in one scene and in others it would give me a shot of pure romance straight in the vein.

Sara Donohue held a few surprises I could appreciate. She is a driven doctor out to find a cure for her brother’s traumatic memories, has an ex-patient stalker and a Vampire on her doorstep who just went through Morpo. She is bold, direct and I even got her feminine version of MINE in this story. Sara has spunk, no doubt about it, but there also pain in her past, shock in discovering vampires are actually out there in the world and a need to hang on to the normalcy of her life. She is just an all around likable heroine who also possesses backbone to become a vivacious opponent for Alexander.

The world building introduced me to The Order who irks me with the fact they seem all powerful and think they can rule all. The Credenti are very interesting as an almost Amish like society, holding on to the old ways, and the Impure promises to be quite the adversary. The plot has obvious story threads that are part of an overall plot arc but there is enough left to give ETERNAL HUNGER a satisfying ending. The romance was getting me hot and bothered at one page, to tug at my heartstrings the next, and the hunger Sara and Alexander emanate definitely delivered on some scorching hot scenes. This is a part that was rife with steep emotions ranging from desire to fear, from protectiveness to knowing their love was an impossible one. Once I was settled in to the world both plot and romance dynamic worked smoothly together and became an addictive combination. I was completely emerged and I wanted to know where not only Sara and Alexander, but also Nicholas, Lucian, Bronwyn, Dillon and Gray would end. The main and secondary characters all have a degree of importance and I really hope I see many return in book two of this trilogy.

In ETERNAL HUNGER classic paranormal romance elements meshes with a fresh and exciting plot and characters. I had not heard of Laura Wright before ETERNAL HUNGER but she sure made an unforgettable impression with her storytelling and her three Roman brothers.

4.5 stars