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Lady of Light and Shadows - C.L. Wilson As I read the last chapters of Lady of light and shadows I closed the book and fell in silent awe for the imagination pouring out of C.L. Wilson’s mind. In this second installment of the series I further more tasted the vast set-up of the worlds, its rich depth of the characters and the feeling that as I turned the pages I will discover something new. The plot lures with mysterious intrigue and darkness but also love that reaches out between Rain and Elly and the secondary cast of characters lifts this novel even to greater heights!

In Lady of light and shadows we meet Rain and Elly again, the courtship continues, the Celerian Lords still have many questions they want answered as the Mages reach out with their darkness and new characters introduce themselves with strong voices that need to be heard.

What a joy this novel has proven to be, I felt picked up by Rain and Elly and quickly found myself in their world again as the fragile moments of blossoming love shimmers between them it had an impact on me that swept me of my feet. If there is one thing that C.L. Wilson has a gift for it is to write with such emotion you can feel them vibrating from the pages and her imagination to describe a Fey race with their magic that I can see this in my mind’s eye. Besides the romance, the mysteries that unfold themselves more, there is an action in this novel that captured me breathless as I read the scenes. With also another love that holds me in its grip, two people, together yet apart. They speak of events in the past that has its rippling effect on the present as they remain in the dark. All aspects of this novel compels you to read page after page riding the waves of romance and action, wrapped in thrilling storylines.

C.L. Wilson takes her time to create the background and circumstances for Elly and Rain to shine as the strong characters they are, still the major secondary characters like the Fey quintet, Laurianna, Sol, Marissya, Dax and Gaelen vel Serranis each give their own magic to weave a tale that you can’t finish and not talk about it. With the Fey language that enhances the true feel of the world, I love the titles like Shei’tani and Shei’tan, the meaning of it and ads more feeling to certain thoughts or rituals. The ending stills the hunger for romance as you feel that new adventures beckon for Rain, Elly and all the inhabitants of the Celerian and Tairen world. There is still much to be told and C.L. Wilson made an impressive statement with her two-book-release Lord of the fading lands and Lady of light and shadows.

Sometimes a story demands your attention, sometimes a novel demands to be read immediately and in the end rewards you with a stunning tale. Lady of light and shadows is such a novel!