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Rode Hard, Put Up Wet (Rough Riders, #2) - Lorelei James In the world of rodeo it is still an old school boys mentality and Gemma has a hard time making money as a provider of broncos for the rodeo tournaments. Now she has to make hard choices and decides her first step towards change is offering Cash Big Crow a job as a foreman at her ranch...

Marcie is spending the summer with a father she has hardly seen in her life and as they both settle on Gemma's ranch she meets up with artist Carter McKay. They light up like an Olympic fire but with both their issues is there enough to hold up in the end when things matter the most?

Lorelei James is on the fast track to become a household name in my reader's world for her deliciously scorching cowboy & cowgirl action and erotic romance. Rode Hard, Put Up Wet is a double treat as the story involves two couples, namely; Cash Big Crow and Gemma Jansen and Cash's daughter Marcie with Carter McKay. From the rodeo set background of Long Hard Ride I was taken to the ranch of Gemma where she's trying to make a living for herself.

In Long Hard Ride, part one in the Rough Riders series, I could already feel it sparkling between Gemma and Cash and I settled down with Hard Ride, Put Up Wet to catch up on all I met. Carter and Marcie's story was smoking hot with all the intensity coming from two people in their twenties. While Cash and Gemma's story was a sensually wicked ride but possessed an endearing warmth which defined their romance from the younger couple. With the double romance going on I felt that the scale tipped towards Marcie and Carter in page space when I had my heart set on Gemma and Cash. Leave it up to Lorelei James though to write separate romances and yet intertwine it beautifully to deliver a hundred percent pure erotic romance.

Cash is a native Indian who had to deal with a rough childhood and becoming a father at a very young age. He is fighting the prejudice of a lazy Indian, he is feral, he is a take charge kind of guy and at the other hand there is also a gentle side and the need to be loved exactly as he is. At the present he is making amends with his daughter and finally finds himself in a position to discover if the sparkle between him and Gemma can become a searing flame.

Gemma is forty eight and knows what the world has to offer, she has her head on straight and will tell it like it is. She is so sure of certain things but when it comes to Cash, being 10 years her junior, she nurtures a few insecurities. This is Gemma's moment to seize the courage and find out if a new relationship is in the cards for her.

Carter McKay is an artist, one of the McKay boys, and at the same time he feels an outsider with his own family. His artistic temper gets him in to trouble on more than one occasion but when discovering the vision of his dreams he cannot resist the lure...he has to paint her, sculpt her, and set free his artistic energy.

Marcie had to be responsible from a very young age and with a nomadic mother she never really got to grow any roots. Temperamental, caring and with a few homey characteristics she settles on Gemma's ranch for the summer. She is ever searching for love, for belonging...but will she recognize it upon finding it?

With a dialect infused writing Lorelei James brought me to the home of Gemma where I got a bit of ranching, nicely developed romance and loads of hot skin on skin action. While it was all fun and games the first half of the story, the second half provided the emotional depth I am always searching for. Quiet moments spent together, ranching side by side and planning a future for the ranch give Gemma and Cash substance as a couple with their sensuality as a catalyst.

It is with Marcie and Carter that I almost felt the pulse pounding need for each other blast from the pages. At some point I thought they needed to crawl in each other's skin before either could be satisfied. They can't get enough of each other, their need, their hunger, it drives them to erupt in fierce sex play. They want to mark each other as something deeper is blossoming and connecting them. I kept flipping the pages to read on and on with this quartet, they interconnect at various levels to supply me with a satiating read from back to back.

Rode Hard, Put Up Wet is a character driven story where the erotic and romantic progress comes first place. Trevor, Colt, Channing, Keely all do a fly by at certain moments drawing the complete picture of a original cast of characters whom become more dear to me with each novel read. It is one of the reasons I love reading a series. I enjoy the recurrence of previous characters, they add a feeling of familiarity to the novel which I absorb with eagerness. Gemma and Cash, along with Carter and Marcie gave me more than plenty of reasons to return quickly to this distinctive cowboy series.

Lorelei James knows her cowboy's and gives them remarkable stories!