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Kiss of Fire - Deborah Cooke With KISS OF FIRE Deborah Cooke started a trilogy full of Dragons, Prophecies and a group of Pyr that fight the Slayers of their kind. It is not something that I haven't read before and I would almost say: `Been there, done that.' Almost, because with an outstanding research this author has given voice to a group of Dragons that breathe their own fire in this novel. Not only are they an intriguing lot to say the least, but their history is something that gave an in depth view of their world and lives.

It is with Quinn whom is also known as the Smith that this trilogy opens its doors to this world and invites all to enter. With the new Moon Eclipse a new era is dawning for the Pyr and the Prophecy is at hand, the Smith and the Seer will have a chance to save the Earth. The only thing is that Quinn feels his firestorm, a sign that his mated one is nearby. Sara is an accountant that inherits the new age shop of her aunt and is now amidst books with topics like horoscope, hand reading etc. The moment she locks up for the night she is followed and attacked only to be saved by a spectacular man.

With Sara being new to the world of tarot, dragons and Prophecies the author gives the reader all the time to get acquainted and familiar with her world. The past and present of the Pyr but also what the firestorm entails is well thought out and I for one am glad for the opportunity to learn about the almost extinct Pyr, right alongside Sara. Nonetheless, Sara is also more than reluctant to believe but when a huge dragon is standing in front of you it is hard to repute the fact of its existence.

I loved Quinn as a Pyr, he is a blacksmith that makes you lap up every scrumptious bit of him. His turbulent past only adds to the complete picture of his centuries old existence and the imperative need to protect Sara from the Slayers. Sara has a mind of her own but is still flexible enough to deal with the information she rapidly needs to digest. As I enjoyed them as separate characters I felt the development of their love was a bit on the tame side. For me it lacked tension that makes the verbal interaction leap from the pages. I can compare it to a warm gentle spring rain instead of a wild thundering autumn storm, though they both hold a certain appeal it is a matter of taste whether you will be completely swept away by their love or not.

The strength in this story lies in the world building and separate character development. The love story is without a doubt present but it fails to give me that strong emotional vibe I crave when I read a paranormal romance novel. Within the story the Prophecy reveals its meaning and at the end a fight between good and evil burst in all its vibrant colors, creating a vivid picture of pure dragon power. Add a few very interesting Pyr to the mix that enhances the overall authenticity of a race that borders on extinction and the profound need to unravel past events to bond as a group. Erik, Donovan, each of the Pyr emanates their own vibe and each triggers the interest for their novels.

With a life like race of Dragons Deborah Cooke takes the reader in to a world where these magical beings fight for the greater good and in the throes of a firestorm will protect that which they were unexpectedly given in their care. A KISS OF FIRE raises my expectations for KISS OF FURY the second entry in this Dragonfire trilogy.