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Behind Closed Doors - Shannon McKenna When a man bent on revenge encounters a woman that is good and kind their fate gets intertwined. But will the scintillating passion be enough to overcome all the obstacles when truth wants to find a way to be revealed? It is a battle of character and courage as the enemy reaches out with his clutches and wants to ruin everything in its path...

Shannon McKenna has left me all hot and bothered and clamoring for more after reading my first encounter with her work, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. In no way could anything prepare me for the sizzling emotional rollercoaster ride and throughout the book I wondered: `Can a crude, bold, brass male character whom refuses to leash his tongue, in more ways than one, claim me in such a demanding way?' Well, as I closed this book I can fully convinced say, YES! Seth appeared in the story and immediately sucker punched me with his straight forward behavior and wasn't ashamed of it either.

With Seth's very intricate nature Shannon McKenna gives this novel a man that will get all your senses flaring to life. But he will also rub you the wrong way at times, even have full-fleshed, pissed off moments at what he has done as he all did it with me. Nevertheless, it is only the stunning way this author tells his story and discloses his background that allows Seth to just be the man he is at heart and no apologies being made for it that is such a part of his appeal. If you think that this novel is all about Seth think again for he will make quite an impression but without a worthy female adversary this story would have lost a lot of its high voltage vibe!

Raine may be a meek, colorless woman in the beginning but the slowly unveiling of her true nature proves to be very intriguing and triggering forbidden feelings within Seth who responses in the only way he knows how...with scorching mind blowing passion that would incinerate the pages if possible. For if there is one thing that is present in this story is sensuous, hot, page melting passion that will make the need for chocolate obsolete.

Just this quote alone should indicate a certain measure of it:
Having a gorgeous woman stare at his **** as if it were one of the Seven Wonders of the World did great things for his ego. A man's **** could never get enough female appreciation.

If there is one thing that rocked me to my core it is the incredible characterization, interaction and romance building in BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. But it was framed by a surprising plot and suspense that contained far going consequences for both Seth and Raine. For with Victor the past of both Raine and Seth is linked together and if Victor is anything it is cold, methodically precise and distant to any emotions what so ever. Moreover, with his personality he knows how to manipulate people and has no boundaries to get what he desires. He poses a threat to all involved and I just gobbled up the pages like there was no tomorrow to finish reading it.

I would almost say that this romance-suspense story has too much testosterone....almost. For who doesn't want to get to know the McCloud brothers? They give off warning signals for future novels with their male bantering and ego's. Hints to past events that must have effected them in one way or another that gets you all in the mood for a more "close encounter" with each of them. They are just what you need when the going gets tough, and for Seth and Raine the going gets tough...and in the end even tougher.

In the end all I can say is that Shannon McKenna has made a statement with a high quality romance suspense story that gave me renewed passion for this genre. She masters all the ingredients necessary for an all consuming romance read and I closed this book with a fulfilled heart.

Once in the grip of BEHIND CLOSED DOORS you will not stop until the last word is read and will make you hunt down other novels by this fabulous author!