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Dream Chaser - Sherrilyn Kenyon Xypher is back on Earth for one month and he is not the only non human that is visiting New Orleans. His heart is cold with vengeance, the one that betrayed him will have to pay...big time. If there is one thing that Xypher wants is to be accompanied back to Hades with his betrayer. This need courses through him, dark...violent and with a single minded focus there is nothing that will keep him from the path he set out to walk. Or so he thought.

Besides the same occupation as a medical examiner, Tate and Simone share a life of the bizarre and supernatural. Tate is beside his job also a squire and Simone has a gift to talk to the dead, she even has an in-house-ghost named Jesse. It is at one of their lunches that Tate tells her of the murders with a peculiar cause of death, especially since one of the corpses heart started to beat again and subsequently caused to scare the daylights out of the examiner on duty.

Together they seek answers and it is in that moment that Xypher crosses its path with Simone. With an enemy bound to kill it manages to get a bracelet slapped on Xypher and Simone's wrist, thereby irreversibly binding a human to a dream God. Suddenly the stakes of the game gotten a whole lot more interesting but also dangerous, for weakness is something that Xypher does not adjust to.

It feels good to be back in New Orleans! The third novel in the Dream-Hunter series is an improvement on its predecessor Upon A Midnight Clear. With some of the old characters and a few new ones Sherrilyn Kenyon spins an entertaining tale that holds some interesting new information for those who are well acquainted with both the Dark and Dream-Hunter series.

A trademark of Sherrilyn Kenyon's writing is the back and forth of brisk interaction between characters which is intertwined with humor and you'll receive it almost from page one. The fast paced conversations, the witty banter and a good dose of sarcastic attitude gave this novel a bite of its own. Every character brought their own dynamic personality to the story making it a joy to get to know them. Tate and Jesse are incredible sidekicks as they enhance the story and emotions of Simone and in doing so it created a stark contrast with Xypher as a tortured hero that won't allow himself to have any feelings.

Xypher and Simone together have an endearing touch as Simone tries to thaw Xypher's heart out and let him taste some of the joys in life. Bit by bit their love story unravels in to one of passion and understanding, holding a few twists along the way to keep me turning the pages in anticipation what would come. It is with Jaden that Dream Chaser introduces a new character in the already vast and crowded world of Sherrilyn Kenyon and whom demands my immediate attention. With his calculated and cold attitude it triggers my interest even more and the last moment of him in the novel only wets my appetite for what is to come.

For me Dream Chaser missed out on an important issue and this is the love story. Endearing and heartwarming as it was, it is also not as well fleshed out as I would like to see it. It is again that in a period of days the love between the main couple commences while the plot wears a bit thin and demands too many pages. Simone and Xypher have an incredible verbal interaction together but hardly have any sensual tension until two third of the novel is read. I felt that the plot and love story where not in balance with on another making it slightly more action driven.

The Dream Hunter series has not won me over at the moment, on the contrary, it is struggling for life, desperate for that one story that makes this series soar to greater heights and initiates a great plotline series wise. Book # 3 Dream Chaser is an improvement, I would say it was an intriguing read. Nevertheless I believe that the journey of love holds the foundation of a story like this and it should make me want to venture in to the Dream Hunter world, relentless to let me go until I finished reading the very last words. Unfortunately I don't get that feeling yet.