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No Rest for the Wicked - Kresley Cole When Kaderin is sent to a castle to kill a vampire it is Sebastian who she meets, a human turned vampire. Instead of taking his life she is giving him life, because from the moment their mouths meet, their tongues start to dance. A kiss of life is given as Sebastian's body recognizes his Bride and the Blooding starts to hum through every cell, his heart starts to pump again, lungs fill with air as his body roars to life. This is possibly the most erotic moment in Sebastian's life....until his Bride runs from him as the sun rises over the hills.

Sebastian never had much to live for but Kaderin is all the reason he needs. Adapting to this era he traces Kaderin in to a room full of magical beings. Every chosen one from their factions in entering The Hie, a contest where all need to seek magical artifacts and thereby can win points, whoever three reaches the 78 point marker first will enter the finals. The ultimate price: an artifact that will allow the owner to jump back into time twice. Kaderin has lost her two sisters a thousand years ago and now she has a chance at bringing them back and no warrior with a body that advertises to sin is going to distract her...much. When Sebastian finds a way to enter The Hie there is a smile of pure male satisfaction on his face, this contest just gotten a whole new power to reckon with!

In this Hie the stakes have never been so high....

No rest for the wicked is a masterfully told tale, it engages the reader in to a contest with vivid personalities whom are all driven to find the next artifact, and they all want or need the prize for some personal reason. The past of Kaderin and Sebastian is so well developed that it enhances the impact of their emotions. The setting of The Hie and all the Lykae's, Valkyrie's, Vampires and other beings are more than enough proof of the enticing world that Kresley Cole created, still it doesn't take the focus from the main couple, no it makes it all the more dynamic and gripping as their love awakens and evolves amd artifacts are found.

There are many fabulous secondary characters though Bowen captured my attention, he is so tortured that he screams for his own story, I can only hope that Kresley Cole hears him and tells this story sooner than later. The love between Kaderin and Sebastian is slowly working its way in to an absolutely unforgettable romance with at the end a heart wrenching moment that rendered me breathless. Their sensual encounters also take time to be build up and crest into a steaming eruption of hungry bodies and passionatly written scenes that almost burn your fingers as you turn the pages. Sebastian, though a gentleman and a man of honor, roars his claim, fulfilling all my wants and desires of what I love to see in a hero. Together they tell a spectacular and well paced tale of romance and adventure leaving room for future stories to be told.

With that Kresley Cole has enthralled me, leaving me wanting for more, curious of the further world building because I still feel many questions need to be answered. The Accession coloring the setting of the Immortals after dark world is intriguing, The Factions are for me a superb vision of fantasy which I want more of and with that it leaves me with nothing more to tell everybody than that I'm satisfied from start to finish with this tale

I can't wait for those next entries is this series! No rest for the wicked solidifies the quality of the Immortal after dark novels.