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When Tony Met Adam (Short Story) - Suzanne Brockmann I’ve only read book one in the Troubleshooters series; The Unsung Hero but it blew me away. So when I heard about the fact Suzanne Brockmann wrote a gay romance novella to celebrate the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ I got very excited. I must say there was also the curios factor what Brockmann could dish out with a gay couple.

I have to admit that from page one I fell in love with both Adam and Tony. Adam for the fact he was a crude Neanderthal who cloaked himself in a ‘devil-may-care’ attitude. Trouble was his middle name but there was also something broken in him, something that bled anguish and pain. This is the kind of character type who instantly claims my heart, the duality of toughness and vulnerability draws me in like a moth to a flame. Right from the bat I knew there was more to Adam and more is what Adam gave me by the end of this novella!

If Adam gave me toughness then Tony gave me charming. He is a character that made me laugh-out-loud with his quick-witted responses and wry sense of humor. He has the good looks but with the likeable persona to match it. His life force seemed to leap of the pages and I think it was so sexy how he went for Adam and got their first date. Even with Tony’s easy going nature there is a depth to him that added a nuance to the romance I savored from the start.

The moment Adam and Tony meet there’s a magnetic pull between them sizzles with an electrifying current of attraction. The dialogues between them are snappy and bold, laced with a bit of humor and I gobbled it all up. While Suzanne Brockmann doesn’t go ‘all the way’ in the erotic department she does give a scintillating shower scene. Instead of investing pages in an elaborate hot night spend she saved pages for the character growth and deepening the connection between Adam and Tony. This is the reason why the feelings shooting back and forth between the two men got a poignant effect.

Suzanne Brockmann amazed me how she made everything come alive in such a short time span. Even the SEAL team members of Tony who had their own struggles with the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy added a fun note but also raised some serious questions. This novella got me acquainted with Troubleshooters Inc. and it made me want more again of these commanding SEAL heroes!

With, When Tony Met Adam, Suzanne Brockmann delivers a touching gay novella which I couldn’t put down. The budding romance, the dynamic pairing of Adam and Tony, along with a flowing storytelling will have you rip through this story in 5th gear!

Adam nodded. “I’m kind off…nursing a broken heart,” he admitted. Tony nodded. But he took a pen out of his pocket, took Adam’s hand, and actually wrote his phone number on it, right on the palm.
“Give me a call if it mends.” He pocketed his pen, flashing another of those killer smiles. “And in case you had any doubt just how much I like trouble, I’m pretty sure I just came out to my teammates.”

Quote Adam:
Everyone he’d had sex with had been taking. Using.
And Adam had been doing the same.
But Tony – somehow – made the very act seem like sharing. Giving.