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All Play and No Work - Carol Lynne I was baffled by the speed of the romance development as I read on page 17:

The threesome landed in a pile of arms, legs, tongues and teeth. Nate couldn't get enough of these men. "Love you," Nate said, looking Ryan in the eyes. He then turned toward Rio, "I love you."
Ryan and Rio wrapped their arms and legs around Nate. "We love you. You're a part of us now," Ryan said.

And that was it. They were a threesome in love. Can I say; huh? How did that happen??!! Only to find out on page eighteen that Rio and Nate were on the road to meet Ryan at their new home in Cattle Valley. This was all moving very fast for me as I’m a reader who wants to witness a certain progress where the attraction develops in to love. The romance between these three men wasn’t very believable but for some reason the entertainment level while reading the pages was very good. It was largely due to the voices of the three men, a bit over the top but still they are very likeable. So I kept on reading.

Rio, Nate and Ryan move in to a house in Cattle Valley and it is a setting that made me smile. Like a utopia for gay people; Just about everyone is gay there and felt very idyllic. The author provided just enough information for me to conjure a picture in my mind how the town looked like and who the people were inhabiting it. I could definitely read the signals for future stories and that this would be a series.

Rio and Nate are very touchy-feely with each other and when they aren’t horny they are pulling pranks like a cherry bomb (blowing up a mailbox). Nate felt very young adult in comparison with Ryan and Rio, who were the established couple at the beginning of this story. When Ryan chastises Nate it feels very much like a grown up setting boundaries for an adventurous teenager. The chemistry and dialogues between the three was effortlessly flowing and while I wasn’t emotionally involved they did appeal to my playful, wicked side.

The eroticism is off the chart hot. The libido of this trio is more than healthy and is set ablaze by the instant attraction they feel. The pages are filled with sexual heat, light-hearted dialogues and a touch of humor and it juices up the story in a good way. Even though there was a certain degree of entertainment to All Play And No Work there was also nothing present for me to sink my teeth in. From early on the relationship was established and there was nothing really challenging that relationship. So the first half of book one in the Cattle Valley series reads like a fluffy erotic romance that gives a slice of life from three likable characters. The author didn’t really add depth, layers or much conflict to the relationship. Halfway through I wondered if anything would happen that would present any form of a challenge when a minor plot came in to play. It provided a bit of much needed intrigue and excitement.

As an erotic story, All Play And No Work is enjoyable but the romance is shallow at best. What worked in the end was the charismatic threesome with their animated dialogues and combustive sexiness as they set up house in a utopian town to satiate their ravenous appetite.

2.5 stars


Rio glanced over and winked. "First place I find, I promise we'll stop for a little R and R."
"Rest and relaxation, that's not exactly what I had in mind," Nate said, trying to tuck his hard shaft back into his pants.
Rio chuckled, "Well, I was thinking more along the lines of rimming and riding."
"Oh fuck, I like that idea a lot better."