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Masters at Arms (Rescue Me, #1) - Kallypso Masters Master At Arms is a novella where Kallypso Masters, masterfully introduces the reader to three main characters; Adam Montague, Damian Orlando and Marc D'Alessio. The novella is divided in five segments. The first three introduce the male leads and the last two how they form a bond together. My two favorite introductions where those of Adam and Damian and I'm chomping down the bit to read their stories.

Kallypso Masters deftly combines backstory, current situations and settings where I was able to immediately connect with the characters. Fierce emotions portrude from the characters, the BDSM is still what I consider light; some spanking and bondage. But one scene between a woman, Damian and Marc was uber hot so I have high hopes for the full length novels!

Master At Arms is a novella the way I want them; enought depth and layered storytelling,fiery sexual chemistry and fascinating characters whom pull me in and make me want their entire story. Two thumbs up for this introduction to the Master At Arms series!