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A Mermaid's Ransom - Joey W. Hill Sometimes a story by Joey W Hill takes time to drawn you in and at other times I'm sucked in from page one. A Mermaid's Ransom is the former one. While Dante captured my attention from the first page the story itself and Alexis needed quite some chapters to have me fully invested.

I absolutely adored the badness in Dante and his efforts to understand the human world. His temper and his complexity made for such an interesting personality. It countered the inate goodness of Alexis whom I found too nice at times. Together however they created such a fantastic dynamic which made their dialogues going from endearing to steamy sensual.

The eroticism is up to par with what I'm used to get from Joey W Hill. It reads like verbal viagra, though I would love for this author to venture in to different kind of ways to explore the characters sexuality. Or perhaps this is due to the fact I've read my fair share of erotic romances which resulted in certain positions becoming normal.

What I thought was cleverly done is the integration of the vampire world in the Daughters of Ariana series. The encounter between Lady Lyssa and Mina was one I enjoyed from start to finish! From this point on I was more invested in the storyline and was intrigued by its possibilities.

With the final chapters the romance crescent in to a satisfying high but I also wonder if their are more stories to come for Alexis and Dante. It seemed more of a beginning for them and the journey ahead one filled with challenges. I hope Joey W Hill can further explore their journey in her vampire series. Like Lyssa and Jacob, whose story is told in three books and counting.

Like always, Joey W Hill, has used her incredible writing skills to give characters of depth, searing eroticism and a story to sink your teeth in!