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The Story Guy - Mary Ann Rivers

Mary Ann Rivers’ debut novella, THE STORY GUY, has once again showed me a novella can create an amazing impact on the reader. Brian and Carrie's story is layered with emotions, heat, humorous dialogues and an attention grabbing situation. I loved how they met via an unusual contact ad and the chemistry they had from the first moment. I loved seeing the rules they make and the rules they break in order to be together. I loved the sensuality of their kisses going on blazing hot phone-sex. The obstacle they had to overcome grabbed me by the throat and made me cry and go through several tissues.

The writing flows effortlessly and though I think the story could have benefitted from some exploration or extension of certain scenes, I couldn't help but be swept off my feet by its powerful message. The romance is so beautifully told and I came to care about Carrie and Brian. The balance between all the elements in the story is close to perfect for me it felt like I read it in one sigh.

Mary Ann Rivers gives voice to everyday characters whom have to deal with extraordinary circumstances. And with this concept the author shows that love can ignite a romance that can take your breath away.

THE STORY GUY is a novella which packs quite a punch with a gripping, sensuous and character driven story. I want more of what Mary Ann Rivers has to offer!

4,5 stars