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Review; Delilah Marvelle - Romancing Lady Stone

Romancing Lady Stone - Delilah Marvelle

It has been a while since I picked up a historical romance by Delilah Marvelle but ever since I attended her workshop at the LLC in Berlin about courtesans she reignited my desire to read a story from her. Romancing Lady Stone is a novella within the School of Gallantry series but easily read as a standalone.

What instantly pulled me in to this novel was the intriguing character of Konstantin Alexie Levin. A criminal who’s on the path of becoming a respectable citizen. The blend of good character traits such as chivalry and the hint of danger which surround him turns Konstantin in to a man I love to read about. Also, the background story of his father plays an important role in his life and I was romanced by the idea of destiny.

Lady Cecilia Stone is driven by the need to see her son in Russia and gotten herself in to trouble. Lady Stone is from the get-go a very personable woman but what I enjoyed so much in the progress of the story is how she chose for herself. Her children are the number one priority but she deserves happiness as well. It gives her character backbone, her choices empower her and it made me root for her.

Through circumstances Konstantin and Cecilia are thrown together and the chemistry was slowly burning to a fever pitch. Even though I wondered how they would get their happily ever after it was undeniable Konstantin and Cecilia were good for each other. Delilah Marvelle has a penchant for sexual tension and writing hot, between the sheets, scenes. Konstantin warming Cecilia’s hands was utterly romantic, Konstantin dripping wet from a bath, utterly sexy but Konstantin and Cecilia between the sheets was an erotic dance which made the skin tingle! 

Quote; The savage need to climax was mutual. It pulsed from their skin.

Every element in this novella; characters, scenery, dialogues is imbued with enough depth or detail to allow the reader to immerge in the period and romance. The quick pace of storytelling leaves little room for overly dramatic obstacles for the couple to overcome but in the essence it’s all there and I enjoyed it to the fullest. There’s also an intriguing interaction and history between Duc de Andelot and Madame de Maitenon that whets the appetite for more about them. Apparently they are going to have their own story for which I’m eagerly waiting!

Delilah Marvelle’s atmospheric writing style transports you to a blistering cold Moscow where you get to warm up with a scolding hot romance. Romancing Lady Stone was a wonderful reminder why I enjoy Delilah Marvelle’s stories so much!

4 stars

Quote; Lesson five - Do you remember what it is like to feel your heart beat again?