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Devlin and Garrick - Cameron Dane DEVLIN AND GARRICK is one of those novels you easily lose yourself in to, not because of the suspense but because the chemistry between two people is just that good, it keeps you succumbed to the pages in order to find out how their happily ever after will come to be. When I read the blurb a few weeks back it was initially the mystery which intrigued the daylights out of me because, what had happened to Gradyn/Garrick between that weekend with Devlin and the present? You can imagine that upon the moment I got an e-mail informing me this novel was up for purchase I hit the buy button. Color me surprised when it wasn’t the mystery that grabbed me but Devlin and Garrick themselves whom kept me firmly rooted in this novel.

Through the memories of both Devlin and Garrick I found out what happened between them during that weekend spend together. The past storyline is alternated with the present one and blended seamlessly together. That particular weekend in San Francisco, Devlin was a twenty-three year old, ready to explore gay sex but quickly discovers this weekend isn’t going to live up to what he had in mind. Surrounded by the beat of techno music he runs in to Gradyn and after some thought Devlin accepts his offer to “get out of here”. What started as a one night stand quickly becomes more…

I got to meet Devlin as a younger man who was ready for a deeper exploration of his gay sexuality and the direction his life was taking. He was full of questions, unbridled passion, laced with a bit of innocence and inexperience. The present gives a picture of a confident man with a job he loves, friends and family and only his love life leaves a lot to be desired.

Gradyn/Garrick is a man with a secretive past, he is all easy going charm but he can also brood. While Devlin is all openness, Garrick is closed off at times. When Garrick is relaxed you get to meet the real him; caring, humorous and sexy but there always that tinge of edginess that kept me on my qui vive there was more to him then meets the eye. His secrecy has him holding back and while the reason for this attitude is credible I also found them easy to discover.

Between these two main men it was instant attraction from the moment they met. It’s instinctual, undeniable and catching both men off guard by the developing force of their feelings. I was taken in to that dingy hotel room which became the backdrop for such intimate moments shared. Their chemistry was an inferno blazing through the pages with a range of emotions encompassing all they felt but the passion ruled above any other. It was Devlin’s first time and it turned out to be sweet, scorching, devouring and demanding. Everything Devlin might want but didn’t think he would get. Garrick was all sexual enthusiasm yet also the more experienced man who knew what he wanted and how.

This is what made me love this book so much, the emotions burning between Devlin and Garrick, not only in that wild weekend and the six month of e-mails and phone calls after that. It was the present too where all these bottled emotions flares to life again. Both male characters had distinct voices allowing me to connect to them on every level. I must say the mystery is the weakest ingredient, it provided tension between the two men, lots of unanswered questions, but it got solved in two or three days which made it feel rushed and underdeveloped. I think it could’ve added so much more to this story and was a bit disappointed to see it dwindle so fast in the present storyline to a predictable level. On the other hand the romance, the absolute need to crawl in to another man’s heart, body and soul, was overwhelming all other elements with its intensity. It’s portrayal by the author made me believe everything that came to pass between Devlin and Garrick.

With a supporting cast of friends, family and neighbors it completes this story. Chloe and Shaw added some innocent perspective, Grace and Maddy some female friendship and Wyn Ashworth as a cop friend will hopefully receive his own story soon. I really hope we get to see the attraction develop between him and Maddy.

DEVLIN AND GARRICK is above all a M/M romance where two men enraptured me in their journey. The sex is addictive as it is scorching, the emotions brimming the pages and Cameron Dane’s voice easily envelops the reader in the story told. I’m glad I got to know Devlin and Garrick!