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Grey's Awakening - Cameron Dane GREY’S AWAKENING is a highly erotic charged M/M romance with the trope of two opposites irrevocably attracted to one another. Sirus Wilder and Greyson Cole experience lust at first sight but their personalities rub each other the wrong way creating a sizzle neither can deny. Past bad relationships keep both Sirus and Grey on guard with each other, reminding themselves over and over that what they have is just a vacation fling…

This is basically the foundation of the story, there isn’t much more going on and still I enjoyed this story from first till last page. A lake, a cabin and two interesting men, that is all it took for Cameron Dane to create a decadent gay romance. I would almost say this author is a minimalistic writer in storyline but the passion, the interaction and the issues are all well drawn. I think it has more to do with the fact that the author keeps a minimal cast of characters and really revolves the story around Grey and Sirus. They have an instant attraction going on but for it to be taken a step further, for their feelings to truly matter and be acknowledged, they have several issues to work out.

Grey has been shaped by his passed and thereby erected walls around his most vulnerable place…his heart. He is a self made man who keeps a leash on his deepest desires and doesn’t let go easy. He has a take-charge attitude which has its good and bad sides but when he does fall in love, he does it with a force and loyalty that becomes a sweet prize after all the struggles.

Sirus is a truck driver who owns his rig and is an artist in his free time. He is open, passionate, easy-going and just about the opposite of Grey. He bears emotional scars of a relationship gone horribly wrong and yet remains a compassionate man.

Both men are easy to like and from page one, where Grey and Sirus meet in that cabin, a physical force simmers between them going from flirtatious sexy to fiery hot. I gobbled up the pages with the flowing voice of Cameron Dane, empowering the eroticism with it but the characters even more so. The focus completely rests with these two protagonists, their issues and their budding emotions that demand a deeper commitment from both of them. This author gives nothing more yet the story is so very enjoyable to read.

What really stood out for me is the sexual tension between Grey and Sirus which I got practically from first page. I got that tension in a steady ‘squirm-in-seat’ heat level from the moment Grey watches Sirus play with himself. It didn’t lose any steam whatsoever and from there issues arise that challenge that tension to become a deeper connection, combining the sex with the emotions of the heart. These two elements go hand in hand for me to make the HEA a good one.

Cameron Dane gives a passionate delight of a M/M romance which drew me in and pleasantly kept me invested in the two leading men; Grey and Sirus. Before I knew it I had read the entire story, it wasn’t overly intense or dramatic, but I came to care for Grey and Sirus nonetheless. Along with hot and heavy sexing GREY’S AWAKENING was devoured in hours.