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Broken - Shiloh Walker The minute I heard about Quinn he didn’t ask but he demanded my attention. He didn’t care I had other books that were in line to be read, he simply appeared on my radar and demanded I read his story at once. So the instant I had BROKEN on my shelves it had a magnetic pull on me and as I opened up the book I got so much more then I bargained for.

If I thought I knew what to expect from Quinn’s story as I read FRAGILE, I had another thing coming. Quinn is the kind of character that got under my skin so fast, he triggered my emotions from the get-go and I fell for him hard. Yet it is in BROKEN where I truly found him, where I got to understand him on every intimate level that hook, line and sinker me for his story. Quinn isn’t the kind of man who desires to be a hero, he knows his flaws way to well for that! Nonetheless there are actions that speak of a kindness and he has an innate sense of right and wrong that make him a man of worth. He is blunt, gruff, dark and a bit twisty inside but underneath it all a heart beats in yearning to be loved. It is the sum of all his character traits that made him the kind of character who has my heart beating faster and who makes me want it all for him.

It is very soon in the story where Quinn wasn’t only one who was demanding my attention because, once again, I met a female who stunned me with her tenacity and resilience. Sara is a woman of secrets, of quirks and keeps mostly to herself. She appealed to my curious side and I wanted to know what she was hiding from the other characters. There were mysterious phone calls, a certain pattern of behavior, mixed signals; at one moment she seems vulnerable and at other moments she seems a warrior woman. She intrigued me as a person but her chemistry with Quinn is what blew me away.

Because of the fact they both have a back-story that scarred them there is lack of trust, but the pull towards each other is inevitable as a sunrise or the tide. It is a blooming of feelings and sexual tension, it is the bump and grind of personalities that sizzle every time they meet, it is a dance of giving and receiving though keeping your most inner core guarded. They are flawed but they see and recognize something in the other that irrevocably forges a bond between them. This developing relationship had my emotions soaring. I wasn’t just reading a story; their personalities absorbed me as their story unfolded, I was feeling the intensity in every dialogue, in every shared moment, and Shiloh Walker just kept feeding it all via her writing style.

There is a particular booth scene that got my blood pumping and showcased the excellent sexual tension humming between Quinn and Sara. Quinn’s idea of flirting may not be subtle but when he has his eyes on a woman, that woman will know it at one point! For me Quinn and Sara rocked this story but there is also a mystery to unravel. The suspense might not give the kind of danger where an unknown enemy is close by creating havoc, in BROKEN I feel the secrets created a subtle eerie and personal angst. I had all the info so it wasn’t the surprise of revealing the enemy that caught me off guard, it was of a much more personal nature. Of course Shiloh Walker did it again to keep me in the dark until the moment it was all explained, having me understand it all in the final moments of this story.

Before I knew it the last pages were read, the ending read like it was a new beginning of sorts and the only minor beef I have with BROKEN is the fact I hungered for an epilogue. I would have given Shiloh Walker a triple chocolate pie for an epilogue. A moment in future time where I could get a last glimpse of Quinn and Sara as they were at the end of this novel. It doesn’t diminish the fact that BROKEN delivered it all for me; characters who leap of the pages with incomparable personalities, emotional depth in the romance, titillating passion and a plot that was surprising as it was engaging. I just had my second five star read of 2010 and I’m already lurking in Shiloh Walker’s backlist for more of her novels.