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Discipline - Chris Owen, Jodi Payne There was nothing stopping me now, I was so connected with each character that I had to find out how Tobias and Noah’s vacation to France would go. Aside from the fact that their initial contract was at an ending and negotiations would start again, Tobias wanted them to move in together and have a more long-term contract that would further reflect their commitment to each other. There are many things that can test the strength in a relationship and a personal loss rippled through the chapters leaving everyone grieve stricken.

I must emphasize at this point that I never read this many books consecutively in the same series or genre and I’m amazed how this author duo can keep me so highly entertained, never allowing the story to drag or becoming boring. After reading three novels I thought I would’ve been done with the male sexing, the bondage, the flogging or the staged scenes, but the authors delivered different venues to keep it fresh. Again the authors push my boundaries in the D/s scene. I have always said, and still riding a double sided feeling about it, that I don’t overly enjoy it when a Dom/sub change roles. So when I very subtly got to learn that Tobias, on occasion, liked to be topped by Noah my heart was in my throat.

This change can really diminish my reading pleasure but Noah was very reluctant too, he was a sub but at the same time his very sub side said to pleasure his Master. If this meant on a occasion to top his Master, he would try to do this. For me it was the way the authors handled it that made me accept it. Noah’s initial reluctance and Tobias explicit desires in how and what he wanted created a realistic exploration of another need. Again what shined through was the incredible communication skills between this couple, their willingness to lay it all out there for each other and truly have each other’s pleasure, both physical and emotional, in mind.

It isn’t out of the blue that Noah is topping Noah, it starts with a spontaneous moment and very slowly takes some small steps. For me that was a very good way to get a handle on Noah and Tobias switching. It didn’t affect their Dom/sub in essence, Noah would evermore be subservient and Tobias the Master who would protect and take care. It just added a bit of spice to an already very exceptional relationship. So once again Jodi Payne and Chris Owen kept me on my toes, pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone and making me believe in the love, in the D/s chemistry and in Noah and Tobias.

Besides a wild and lascivious trip to France there’s also Phantom, he has always been there in one way or the other but in DISCIPLINE he goes to the emotional brink and barely comes back from it. He is a character that is not only flamboyant, humorous and demands all the attention when he enters a room, there is more to him then he leads on to believe. There are deep emotional scars on his soul that needs purging, he needs something so rigorous that only those who truly love him can help him through it. Phantom holds a very special place in my heart, his personality is one that triggers a range of emotions, I was laughing about his exuberance, my inner hussy purred in his shameless sensuous side and my heart was touched on every level possible as he tried to heal what was broken in him so long ago.

There are no weak characters in this series, Bradford still remains a very dear friend to Tobias and is the only secondary character who returns in this story often. There are also characters who give voice to the D/s world, there’s the people working in Bradford’s classy club, Noah’s cop partner and a few more in their every-day-life who flesh out the supportive cast. Each one, over the course of this series, became a frequent face and broadened the lives of the leading characters.

DISCIPLINE tossed me through the emotional wringer again and I found myself coming back for more each time. Tobias, Noah and Phantom are characters who get under my skin with their distinctive personalities and their zest for life. Real life problems give a raw edge to the character development but also heightens the impact of the story as a whole. I wouldn’t have it any other way!