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Domination - Chris Owen, Jodi Payne After reading SUBMISSION I decided to read another novel but I couldn’t let go of Tobias and Noah, a sign for me that the first novel definitely left its mark on me. I decided to throw my “genre variation prevents boredom” rule overboard and just go with my need for more about these men. And more I definitely got…

With an established base line of trust Tobias and Noah head for an intensifying of their connection. Phantom, as Tobias former sub, stirs the deeper lying issues for both Tobias as well as for Noah. Tobias has a very intense and complex history with Phantom and has trouble pushing the envelope as a Dom with Noah. Noah on the other hand doesn’t feel a 100% secure in where he stands in his relationship with Tobias. In their D/s they both need to work harder to get what they need and a beginning of a romance relationship is formed throughout the weekends spent together.

I’m used to getting a submissive’s perspective but in DOMINATION I also got a very good taste of what it takes for a Dom to be a Dom. It would’ve been so easy for Tobias to remain indulgent towards Noah, to keep them in a safe and in a comfortable zone. Instead he needs to push boundaries, it is what Noah needs of him as a Dom. The variety in D/s, from flogging, to sensory deprivation, to elaborate scene play worked incredibly well in giving me a comprehensive notion of that side in their relationship. Next to these scenes there is also time for play, for humor and intimate conversations.

The magnetism between Tobias and Noah is tangible, it is vigorous, sensual, deviant and caring. The growing intimacy between me and the characters made me live it all with them. I was getting more and more in sync with not only Tobias and Noah but Phan kept pulling my strings, each time he entered the story my heart skipped a beat just because he was there. Phan also has to go soul deep to work through some of his issues and it becomes more evident that he isn’t just any secondary character. Then there’s the growing friendship between Phan and Noah that gave a humorous note that I cherished. The authors kept their focus on the interconnected relationship development and the eroticism which made it a very character driven and a powerful story.

Tobias and Noah can converse an erotic scene to even greater heights which made is so easy for me to feel how well they fitted together and how they gave each other the kind of release they sought after. Every time their sexual desires were satiated my heart was in my very parched throat, the heat level definitely was a scorcher for me and while Tobias was very good in staging a scene, Noah turned out to be a natural in his passionate reactions and role playing. The emotional pinnacle in DOMINATION was the coloring scene between the two men. This is where Tobias told the whole world – well at least those who were invited to the occasion - that Noah was his, his to protect, his to cherish and his to love.

DOMINATION gave me more romance, more of Noah and Tobias’ road to discovery in each other’s wants, needs and emotions. It gave me more of Phantom, more of the Dom/sub and an ending that made me grab for book three in a heartbeat. Chris Owen and Jodi Payne are an incredible author match who bring a small cast of characters to life whose journey is incredible to follow. Tobias and Noah are well on their way to become an unforgettable pair on my shelves!