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Submission - Chris Owen, Jodi Payne Tobias is spending his forty-first birthday in a D/s club of which his very good friend Bradford is the owner. Tobias is a very well known Dom and hasn’t had a submissive for quite a while, this is where Bradford points out Noah, telling him that he might be interested in a scene with him. This is how Tobias met Noah and the scene they shared at the club was so good they decided they wanted more of that chemistry.

Until that point I was settling in to the writing rhythm of this author duo and very interested in how this D/s chemistry would play itself out. Color me surprised when Tobias and Noah started to negotiate a D/s contract where their individual needs and demands were discussed. It really threw my off and felt very clinical at first, it wasn’t like it was screaming instant attraction to me. I had to wrap my mind around the fact that at first it wasn’t about romantic feelings, it wasn’t about falling in love, it was about two healthy men with individual lives that could fulfill a need with each other. Tobias needed to Dominate and Noah needed to submit.

Because if there is one thing that is done elaborated is the scenes between Tobias and Noah as a D/s. With Tobias farm and stables they both have a considerable playground to fulfill their needs. The moment either of them hit a nerve or a boundary, emotions came flying with it and gradually I got to know two men who fascinated me. Chris Owen and Jodi Payne fulfilled my need for the intricate workings of a D/s relationship, they delved in to the individual psyche of a Dom and a sub but also let the chemistry between Tobias and Noah share the impact of a scene with the reader.

Tobias Vincent is a veterinarian, a hobby farmer, is wealthy, balanced and has been a Dom for most of his life. From everything in SUBMISSION you can tell that he has an incredible amount of experience in the D/S scene and has build quite a reputation for himself. Noah is a cop, late twenties, is still very much seeking for the Dom that can meet his needs and has a few issues to deal with as a submissive. From all that is going on between them I could feel their exploration of each other’s personality, them getting to know each other and the inevitable pushing of buttons. What was incredible arousing was the fact Tobias wanted Noah to talk to him during the scenes; what he felt, what he experienced, what he needed and that made the sex talk very hot.

The dialogues in SUBMISSION are very good and slowly reveal a part of Tobias and Noah personality and their hidden emotions. This story is very centered around these two but Owen and Payne didn’t have me clamoring for more. Bradford was a wonderful friend for Tobias and the introduction of Phantom Shaw instantly perked my attention. He was the former submissive of Tobias for a very long time and has a very outgoing personality and that is stating it mildly. He loves to provoke, to be in the center of all the attention and has no shame. I loved him from the very first moment in this story.

SUBMISSION was a story where I had to get used to certain elements as they were new to me. I had to get a feel for the characters, the lack of a certain romantic development and the abrupt ending. Still, I instantly new upon closing this novel that I found a series where romance would inevitably develop, that it would meet my needs in the D/s development, that Tobias, Noah and Phan were characters who were already very dear to me by the end and that the eroticism was off the chart good. I felt the irrevocable need to immediately explore this series further and see where Chris Owen and Jodi Payne were going to lead me. SUBMISSION is a promise to give it all to me over the course of these four books!