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Comfort Food - Kitty Thomas COMFORT FOOD was a story that I received, read, and it conquered me with such a powerful story I’m left awe-struck. This is in no way, shape or form a mainstream erotica and a one-of-a-kind story I feel will fascinate many avid readers of this genre. I can warn you of all the things that might throw you out of your comfort zone; yes this is a story with the Master/slave trope. Yes there is no traditional romance. Yes there are actions and decisions that challenge the very moral foundation of our society. And yes, this erotic story has a darker, gritty tone that will push the envelope. Don’t let this hold you back though, let it challenge you instead! Kitty Thomas gave me an emotionally stellar read where both Master and Emily Vargas are mesmerizing characters and their synergy struck a very elemental cord with me. For the life of me I couldn’t put this book down, all I wanted was to continue delving in the psyche of both the Master and Emily. I wanted to know what made them tick, why they chose certain actions or made certain decisions and gradually I witnessed the blooming of something more, something that was so elemental, undeniable and real, I was left stunned by the end.

Emily Vargas is on the top of the world in her career as an author of self-help books. She is an attractive, confident and self-sufficient woman of her time who lives her life according to her rules. She never thought it possible for someone to kidnap her, she never let her drinks unattended, and still, she finds herself in a situation where she is confronted with a darker part of herself. Emily’s dynamic world came to a halt and suddenly was narrowed down to only one person – him…Master.

The male opponent of Emily, who never receives any other name then Master, is very detailed and meticulous in his actions. Though the interaction comes from Emily his presence is such a force within the story told. Without little to none dialogue coming from him or POV given by the author his personality is very well fleshed out. Expression of body language, the look in his eyes or simple gestures were all the communicative skills he needed to make himself understood.

Comfort Food revolves around two characters in an extraordinary situation. Because the author keeps it very close to Master and Emily there is lots of room for the unraveling of personality characteristics, one on one interaction or lack thereof, and allowing the reader to really come to understand how their relationship dynamics work. The intensity of the story needed nothing more and I was wholeheartedly succumbed to witnessing the reasoning clash with the emotions. In this Kitty Thomas really let me understand Emily. As a woman I related myself to her and I really needed to understand how a captive could fall for her captor? First of all I think the flashback to Emily’s past was a very strategic move to explain an essential issue for me. Second, Emily has a major in Psychology so she understood on a basic level where certain behavior was coming from. If she would act out there would be ramifications, period. And third, the Master. I think I got enough point of view from him to know his state of mind and emotions and two-third into the story there was a revelation that convinced me of the great characterization abilities of this author, suddenly things were understood that made me raise my eyebrow in question before.

The eroticism is in some ways explicit but not graphic and tastefully written to allow the imagination to work as well. At first I was afraid Emily’s fear would remain the trigger for her obedience but it slowly evolved in to something else, something deeper that conveyed the steep emotions behind the erotic actions. When you strip away everything else, at the core Comfort Food is about a Master conditioning his slave. I absorbed COMFORT FOOD, immersed myself in the growing attachment between these two intriguing personalities. Emotions poured out of me while reading. I cried, I felt joy, I rooted for Emily and her inner strength and I was relieved when Master showed a more personal side to himself. As this story is told it’s portrayed not to judge but to expand the horizon. This is no mushy love story but the connection forged between Master and Emily is one that’s tested, tried and overcoming personal boundaries to release inner fears and accept your most inner desires. Which ultimately is setting them both free to be…

The depth of the erotic ministrations, the fundamental interaction and the psychological working of a Master and his slave is showcasing a stark but intrinsic love that impressively goes against type! I can’t emphasize enough how beautiful and honestly this story is written! I love it when an author delivers a thought-provoking story that challenges me to look beyond what I know. I love it when an author introduces characters who make me believe in their kind of happily ever after. I can’t get enough of authors who deliver a story that triggers all of my emotions. Only two other authors in the Erotica genre had this specific effect on me; Joey W Hill and Diana Hunter with Secret Submission, now I can add Kitty Thomas to this small but very cherished group.

The ending broke my heart and healed it almost simultaneously and with closing this novel I know without a shadow of a doubt I will never forget either Master or Emily! COMFORT FOOD is an invitation to explore a different kind of Erotic story and I hope many of you dare to accept it! I know I have read a story that will definitely end up in my top 20 of 2010.