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911 - Chris Owen The story begins easy enough with two guys meeting, they become roomies, they feel an attraction growing and they end up sexing enough to create a dent in the mattress. Some months later love is received – returned and then declared, and you would think that would be the end of it but oh no, Chris Owen has lots more in store for this enthusiastic M/M reader!

911 reads like a sex-a-thon with incredible men yet I cannot say that it is an epic M/M novel that turned my book world on its axes. The story is simple, the cast of characters small and the writing is easy and compelling. In all honesty my mind tells me this was an all around enjoyable red, nothing more, nothing less.

How does Chris Owen do it then, to make me smile at the antics of the three lead characters? They completely succumb me in to their lives, the struggles, getting me to care for them and at some point I was discovering the notion that I was savoring the story being told. Like I said, 911 is a sex-a-thon where one man, Drew (firefighter) comes together with Scott (doctor in residence) and they form a pair who’s got it hot and heavy for each other and then months later they become a threesome with Eric (paramedic).

The story encompasses a few years and over this time period the emphasis lies on the sex play, relationship - personality and family issues, and a whole lot more bed play. The shower, bed and living room are favorite backdrops for the lustful bouts of erotic scenes. Scott loved the dirty talk and Drew is more than willing to giving it to him! The volume of lube used could fill a tub, I read more M/M dirty talk that I was almost crossed eyed from reading it all. Yet I can’t complain about it because while all this turbo-charged eroticism erupted on the pages I simultaneously got acquainted with three incredible men.

Drew is without a doubt the leader of the pack. Full of bravery, often in charge, an adrenaline junkie and embracing life to the fullest. Scott is a doctor who is currently fulfilling his residency. He’s somewhat of a nurturer, an introverted, hold-back person but when he knows things are wanted he can respond enthusiastically. When Eric was introduced he was a bit insecure due to dramatic events from the past. He is loyal, strong and loves with an unrelenting force. Each lead male brought something of his own to the story and from that, through the struggles of making a Ménage work, they gradually interconnect with each other.

Of course with three men there are also issues that arise in the romantic side of it all. Some were coming from family but mostly issues between the triad of men. Small things that lead up to outbursts of anger or irritations and where through actual dialogue’s they had to make compromises and connect with each other on an emotional side. Throughout the entire story it becomes a step by step progress of them getting to know each other on a level that truly matters, where they not only become sexual partners but also partners in every other way that is important of life.

Because of the fact 911 encompasses a few years I got to feel very involved in Drew, Scott’s and Eric’s lives. Though there might be a lot of mind-melting hot sexing too, the character development and romance prevented it from becoming just a string of sex scenes. Then there is a twist in the end that just yanked the story right on to a higher rating for me, it was the culmination of what Drew, Scott and Eric meant to each other giving 911 a conclusion that had my romantic heart beating a bit faster.

911 was a M/M triumvirate that made me smile for the humor, care for the characters and dab away a tear at the end. This is just one of those stories that oozed fun gay eroticism that carries a satisfying emotional punch. Allow yourself to become a spectator in the lives of Drew, Scott and Eric, it will be first class voyeurism, I promise you that!!

3.5 stars