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Demon from the Dark (Immortals After Dark Series, Book 8) - Kresley Cole With DEMON FROM THE DARK Kresley Cole steers the overall plot arc to new heights and possibilities. From the moment I started reading this new IAD novel the story pulsated with the force of new threats and dangers, lots of recurring and new characters, and I was whisked away to the demon hell plane where a blooming romance just wow-ed me. I couldn’t get enough of the plot arc but the chemistry between Malkom and Carrow was absolutely the dream of any romance lover.

The reasons behind Carrows introduction to Malkom on his demonic hell plane aim for enough drama as is but I was temporarily completely absorbed by the off-the-chart magnetic pull between these two main characters. The language barrier created misunderstandings and the internal thoughts of both Carrow and Malkom were at times endearing, emanating anger or frustration but most of all it endeared me so. Especially Malkom’s. The time spend in Malkom’s cave, which actually encompassed quite a few chapters and about five or six days, was rife with an abundance of conflicting emotions. At one hand Carrow is determined to do what needs to be done and at the other hand Malkom mesmerizes and enamors her. Not only are Kresley Cole’s signature sensually charged scenes present, the bathing scene is toe curling good and Malkom’s kisses are definitely getting me hot and bothered, but there’s also room for their back story’s to unfold.

Carrow is a Witch and draws her power from happiness. She’s is known as a party-girl but besides her cheery, upbeat nature there is also a loneliness in her that was heart breaking at times. One of the things that made Carrow such a formidable character to read is that she gives as good as she gets. She has a quick-witted tongue, she can fight and can take a punch but in the presence of those she loves there is a wicked and softer side surfacing. She has backbone but also has her vulnerabilities and it turned her in to a great opponent for Malkom.

Malkom was without a doubt a male who just spoke to all my female wants and needs for a flawed hero. He was a blood slave turned commander, he takes the trust-issue to a whole other level and his past gives the heart wrenching reasons. I really was able to understand what drove him with his monologues due to the language barrier. His resilience, his willingness to discover, learn, open up bit by bit spoke of an inner strength and I feel for him just as hard as Carrow was. The sum of his personality traits wooed me at every turn and he is one of the reasons that make DEMON FROM THE DARK so special.

Of course the romance couldn’t remain all growing lovey-dovey as the plot came back full force that spun Malkom and Carrow’s world on their axes. The Ascension has reached another chapter with The Order and some of my favorite factions got hit hard, on a very personal level, and my anger rose with the characters at what was done. Lanthe, Regin, Uillean MacRieve, I love all these characters, the good ones and even the bad ones because together they shape a fascinating world where battles are fought, romance is worth everything and friendships are forged and treasured. The humor, especially coming from Lanthe, is present but toned down a bit for a somewhat grittier plot but the dialogues between all characters are crisp, acerbic at times and sizzle with their personalities.

With the plot and romance steaming full ahead there is a child character introduced who grabbed my attention as well, she’s a seven year old witch named Ruby. I always enjoyed the Witch faction but it also played second violin to the Valkyrie’s with all its beloved characters. I can tell you that with this entry Kresley Cole really let the Witches come in to play and I love the fact that each faction has its own strengths. The ending really ups the ante in terms of a recap of events have been shared, decisions are made and action will follow but I will have to wait for the next novel to discover how it will all play out.

With DEMON FROM THE DARK Kresley Cole does not only give me charismatic and unique characters whose personalities leap of the pages, or a fast-paced intriguing plot, or a powerful, seductive and sensual-laden romance. She does it all and fuses it with her strong and imaginative writing voice which just sucked me in and took me on a grand journey. I can only hope now that there is much more in store for us readers since this series has been a fantastic ride so far.