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Enchanting the Lady - Kathryne Kennedy Felicity bares little to no magic in a world where magic is as essential as breathing to its aristocracy and even more important, during the testing it will be determined if you possess enough magic to inherit your parents holdings. Felicity always knew she wasn’t magically strong or beautiful of face, never acknowledged by people and forgotten as soon as she enters a room; it gives her little hope for the future and inheriting her parents’ title and holdings. At the day of her testing her worst nightmare comes true when the prince judges she has barely any magic and thereby is stripped from her parent’s title and land. Now she is a mere Miss. Felicity Seymour.

Terence, as a were lion is immune to magic in general, but when he suddenly detects the nasty smell of Relic magic, it makes him shift instantly in his lion self as he fervently starts to search for its origin. In doing so he scares the daylights out of the aristocracy and they are not very fond of shapeshifters just for the very fact that they are immune to magic. Terence shifts back but is still tracking the scent and to his utter surprise he finds a concentration of the scent hovering around a stunning woman. He can’t help himself as he intensely stares at this beauty and sees her failing her test. She is stripped from her title and land and it is a perfect way for Terence to introduce himself into her life. As a Relic hunter he is determent to find out where this Relic magic came from and he is certain that Felicity is at the core of it, if she is an innocent in all of it is yet to be revealed.

Still, in their courtship another kind of magic starts to sparkle brighter with each moment shared between them. The mystery of the Relic magic leads the couple to darkness from an unexpected direction, testing the strength of their newly found bond…

Sometimes I feel that upon reading a paperback issue of a novel I discover a true treasure, making such a paperback issue priceless in its worth to me as a reader. With only 292 pages Enchanting The Lady packs a story that could have gone on for at least a hundred pages or more and I wouldn’t have minded it at all. The imaginative talent of Kathryne Kennedy holds no boundaries and I can’t wait for what she further has in mind for the Relics of Merlin series, because I do hope that many more novels in this series will be written.

I’m getting ahead of myself though….From its very first pages the author wrapped me in this endearing, magical and utter romantic tale that made me venture in to a new kind of Victorian London with a whole new sort of aristocracy to discover. The stronger one’s magic is, the higher the title that person holds, with the royals baring the strongest magic save that of the Relics. For me the fantasy like setting and feel to this world was refreshing and original making it a pleasure to turn the pages wondering what I would discover upon reading it. The author made the world and its rules easily enough to follow perceiving a natural intertwining of romance, plot, magic and world building. The world building will not distract the reader as it just formed a stunning background upon which the characters could tell their tale and will completely immerse the reader in the romance that soared to greater heights with each chapter.

The death of her parents when she was a child, Felicity holds the title Duchess of Honor Stonehaven and she turns out to be a heart rendering woman whom becomes a victim of the rules of aristocracy and together with Terence, a were lion, they draw you effortlessly in a different world. From the moment they meet there is something vibrant and sensual between them. Felicity is just an open, spontaneous, curious and sometimes a bold woman that makes her such an engaging heroine to read about. It is with their witty banter that they gave fun filled moments flowing into the more tender ones that will reverberate in the heart. The merge of Terence as a man and part lion is superbly characterized, his broad posture, his rumbling voice, his sometimes lion-like affections as he is both playful and dangerous, also lazy but immediately action driven if the circumstances demand it. These are all elements that paint a convincing picture of him as a shapeshifter.

The world envisioned in Enchanting the Lady by Kathryne Kennedy is one that sparkles of magic and the courtship gift of the dragonette is one that just moved me. With a colourful painting of scenery Victorian London becomes three dimensional and when adding its lively characters it just leaps from the pages making me a part of this story and all I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed myself! The deep touching and blossoming romance between Terence and Felicity is something that is felt with every moment spent between them. The struggle coming from Terence, the doubt and discovery of new feelings with Felicity and then there is also a sultry heat rising between them, though the passion is not excessive it bears a sensuality that leaves no doubt of their attraction. Just giving the reader such a riveting love as it is also powered with emotions that it engrossed me from first till last page.

This will prove to be an exquisite reading experience and packing a punch that leaves you breathless. It will fulfil all the needs in what you’re looking for in a romance novel and Enchanting the lady will have you clamouring for more of these kind of characters, love and magic. An outstanding start to the Relics of Merlin series.