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King of Sword and Sky - C.L. Wilson In part one: Lord of the Fading Lands, a woodcarver’s daughter called Rain Tairen Soul from the sky and a courtship begun.

In part two: Lady Of Light And Shadow, the courtship continues as a fierce battle knocks on Celierian doors and secrets reveal themselves.

Now in part three, King Of Sword And Sky, Rain takes his Shei’tani to his homeland where new challenges lie for Ellysetta. Enter a new world where Fey gather to meet the Shei’tani of a Tairen Soul, a Tairen pride that roars their welcome and the battle that becomes more violent and more grim with each passing day.

Like a bard of old times C.L. Wilson has once again raised her voice to tell another story in her Tairen Soul series and one thing’s for sure, many will gather to hear it! As I started to read the first page of KING OF SWORD AND SKY I was walking back into the vibrant world of the Fading Lands and met the characters that I came to treasure in Lord Of The Fading Lands and Lady Of Light And Shadow.

It didn’t take much for me to be completely absorbed in this tale as it takes off right where Lady Of Light And Shadow had left me. On a fivefold weave and on Tairen back I was led deeper into a world that took my breath away. The almost lyric prose of C.L. Wilson combined with a highly imaginative writing skill made me wander in a deserted Elven town, visit the Fey’ Bahren and was in awe of the Hall of Scrolls. Though the author takes time to make the reader see all the splendor of her world it is the plot and a plethora of memorable characters that never lets your attention falter and only makes you wish for more. Four hundred and sixty-seven pages and they go by in the blink of an eye.

Of course Rain vel ’En Daris and Ellysetta Baristani are the main couple and their true mate bond that needs to gain in strength. Doubts and concerns are their ever present companions but they also get to feel beauty, share each other’s joy and wonder. Their bond and feelings just echoed in my heart as I read the pages, hoping for all the good things but knowing a bond is not just forged in good times. It is in the troubled times that the trials will test the bond’s strength. It also makes the love shine stronger and the magic of the true bond brighter. I don’t know if I can capture the words to describe this soaring romance that makes my heart response with all my emotions. There are moments that gave me goose bumps from what I “saw” in my mind’s eye, filled my eyes with tears and made my heart leap in joy. The author has a gift to evoke it all with the reader and she will make you care for each Fey and Tairen.

The Fey warriors are a sight to behold and the Tairen pride is impressive in their loyalty and playfulness. Belliard, Gaelen, Kiel and Kieran are all present but I also got to meet new Fey and Tajik vel Sibboreh is one that will demand your attention with his gruff but loyal attitude. The diversity in their natures and magic is what made me want to get to know all of them and makes me understand Elly all the more in her decisions. But if there is one character that had me from the first moment I met her it is Steli. She is Tairen and considers herself to be the first blade, the fiercest defender of the pride. She is loyal, knows no shame and will bleed for you in protection. Her very nature just brings a bright smile to my face and this tale became that much richer with her in it!

KING OF SWORD AND SKY enters the next stage of the story and it will affect many characters, will become more dire and sacrifices must be made! The good versus evil element is superbly executed by C.L. Wilson and drives me to keep turning the pages, no matter what hour, what needs to be done or who’s calling. With every book in her Tairen Soul series she delivers a tale of otherworldly proportions and is a symphony of exquisite writing. It combines a rich and dazzling cast of characters, who are led by a dynamic pair that scorches the pages with their profound love and is framed by a plot that keeps you firmly set is this world. Submerged in this tale, in this world, the sum of its parts leads to awe inspiring romance, a page devouring battle and the image of Fey warriors that shout: ‘Mei’felani. Bei’santi. Nehtah, bas desrali. Live well, love deep. Tomorrow, we die.’ burned in the mind’s eye!

I cannot praise this series high enough for it is the perfect balance of fantasy and romance! In the end C.L. Wilson masterfully leads the reader to yet another action driven ending that makes you feel sad to leave the Fading Lands and count the day’s until Queen Of Song And Soul is released.

Romantic Fantasy has never been so exhilarating to read…or so addictictive!