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Lord of the Fading Lands - C.L. Wilson In the city of Celieria a unprecedented event has occurred, the Rain Tairen Soul has found that which he never thought possible in a time where the Mages cast their darkness over this city again. A love that shines with a rare and special glow triggers all kind of events, from betrayal to revelations of the past and a struggle for more power is always on the lookout. Five Fey warriors serve and protect with a magic all off their own as a new battle is on the horizon and an epic love unfolds itself in all its glory….

Hold on to your seats! There’s a new author in town with a novel that vibrates with her talent and will conquer the bestsellers lists in no time, and her name is…..C.L. Wilson.

This is a story that lured me into a fabulous, fast paced and emotional ride that leaves me dazzled. From the first page I felt the promise that C.L. Wilson contains as a writer and she delivers big time! At the foundation of this romantic tale it is about a claiming so fierce, so seductive that it hits the reader full force. The author captures images with words of a king that is willing to do anything for his dying kingdom and an unknowing woman who just might prove to be the answer. This and much more is written with a strong affinity for the fantasy genre that gives this novel its unique approach.

The ferocity in which Rain Tairen Soul claims his Shei’tani ignites a sparkle that sets this story on fire. Those special moments between Rain and Elly weaves a soul connection between them and C.L. Wilson has a rare gift to make me feel these moments with such vivid emotions whirling inside of me. Almost as if I’m actually witnessing a blossoming legendary love so rare and so beautiful that it leaves me convinced nothing will ever keep them apart.

There’s also the five Fey warriors of the highest order commanding elemental magic and are the chosen ones to protect Elly. Each one tells you more about the ways of the Tairen and Belliard, as the leader, had me at his introduction in this story! The words in which the author invokes the fantasy in this novel, she lets me remember the ways of once long ago in the rituals/oaths and protocol of both Celieria and Tairen world, is one that still reverberates through me and echoes with long forgotten chivalry, elegance and magic. Everything about this novel appealed to me on so many levels that it became an instant favorite book of mine. I’m enchanted by the magic that C.L. Wilson weaves with this stunning tale, to start this books is to finish the book!

4.5 stars