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Play of Passion - Nalini Singh PLAY OF PASSION is an intense romance alive with fierce possessiveness, wolf pride and mischievous play. This Psy/Changeling story is all about the romance and has a minor but nonetheless important part for the continuance of the overall plot arc. The pace of the story took a notch down with lots of time to meet new and old members of the SnowRiver pack. It gave me a sense of the interconnected relationships, the structure and rules, and it allowed me to feel the bond they share. The banter going back and forth only emphasized on how deeply connected each member of the pack is, from the youngest to the Alpha leader Hawke. It didn’t take long for me to be absorbed by the SnowRiver pack dynamic and the courtship unfolding.

Drew and Indigo have a great combustive energy together. The dominance issues cause for both internal as external struggles that Indigo and Drew have to deal with. Though it isn’t easy on either of them I loved the fact how the SnowRiver pack participates in the courtship of Drew and indigo. Nobody ever said it was easy to become the mate of a SnowRiver lieutenant but Drew is up to the challenge and has plenty of determination to see it happen. Even though Indigo’s wolf has doubts whether the four year younger Drew with an obscure rank can handle all of her. It is their clash of dominance, their erotic synergy, their playful dalliance that created situations which got me from smiling, to laughing and fanning myself a time or two too.

Drew is the Hunter of the pack but where he truly stands in the hierarchy remains a mystery. It is a very steep problems for Indigo to deal with but Drew has some tricks up his sleeve that will get any woman weak in the knees. Some stunts he pulls to prove himself worthy are unadulterated romance yet other stunts backfire, giving him a lesson in what it means to court a dominant she-wolf. Still, Drew is more than cheeky mischief and a charmer, his love runs soul deep and he is giving his all and then some to mate with the woman who claimed him long ago. To see him romance Indigo made him another cherished character within the Psy/Changeling cast.

Indigo, as a SnowRiver luitenant, doesn’t have many males higher up the food chain. To feel an attraction for a younger male with an unknown rank screams trouble for her. Still, she is a woman who is strong, can handle just about anything you throw at her but there is also compassion, combined with the fiery love and loyalty that burns in her heart. She has a few lessons to learn and she becomes a worthy heroine in her successions and her failures.

The interaction between Indigo and Drew is rife with everything they feel. There is playful banter, all-out wolf-to-wolf collisions of dominance and sexy bed-play. The beautiful setting of the woods gave room for their wolf to stretch and let Indigo and Drew connect on that level too. The vibrance of how they experience life, love, sadness, their animal side which is such an integral part of their being, it made their personalities leap of the pages. Their distinctive personalities spiced up the attraction, it fueled the sensuality between them but also the need for a deeper love to finally take those first careful steps to a bond as mates.

As the warmth and the familiarity of the characters and pack enveloped me there were also threats clouding the horizon giving a suspenseful edge to the story. The plot may have a supportive role in this Psy/Changeling episode but it imbues the romance with a mystery to unravel that threatens the pack. There are no big revelations in this story but the small twists and turns are intriguing, it deepens the awareness something cataclysmic is going to happen only from where, who or what is still very much in the grey. Of course I have suspicions like anyone else up to par with this series. Clues are given but Nalini Singh really keeps the reader guessing and ultimately gave a surprise in the ending.

PLAY OF PASSION is a fantastic return to the SnowRiver pack where you’ll meet changelings who are fierce, loyal and lethal yet also love with an unrelenting force that will make anyone take risks to be on the receiving end of that love. Nalini Singh is a constant in her delivery of a ‘sweep-off-your-feet’ shape shifter romance which will engage the reader from first till last word! Be prepared to succumb to Drew and Indigo’s story!