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Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning After closing Dreamfever I must say that Karen Moning is the Queen of torturing the reader’s patience in the best of ways. It is both frustrating as it gives ultimate pleasure. It reveals that what I longed to know as it also adds new mysteries. It catches up on all the characters I came to love and hate as it also introduces new ones and I am loving it. I confess that I am not a patient woman, I often want instant gratification, I want to know it all in one book and it mystifies me that Karen Moning has been able to hold my attention and my readers loyalty and love for 4 consecutive years without one real conclusion.

I believe it largely lies within the fact that I have attached myself to many characters that make up the Fever world. Mac is the foundation of every book as it is written from the first person point of view. She has her own lingo, I will never think of petunia as only a flower, she is the inventor of the MacHalo, she has gone from all girly girl in pink to a strong, self reliable woman who is in search for many answer to intricate questions. At the end of Faefever all I could think of was how was she going to manage, but Mac did, she showed a resilience that is born from hardship, from willpower, to fight for herself and the ones who matter the most to her. From the ending of Faefever and the first chapters in Dreamfever Mac 4.0 dawned. No more Ms. Nice, she wanted answers, she wanted to kick ass and she was going for it full force.

I was right beside her, charging in to get me some answers too but then things got complicated again with the Sidhe-Seers, with Barrons, V‘Lane, Ryodan and LM. Who said getting the answers were easy? Rowena, the Grand Mistress of the Sidhe-Seers isn’t budging for Mac’s questions and she really got under my skin. Rowena aggravated me with her closed off attitude and at the same time I pondered in what she is up to. What is her reasoning behind all that she is hiding, for in my mind there must be reasons; why else keep Mac from the holy Sidhe grail? V‘Lane is no longer only a devilishly charming Death-By-Sex Fae and full of himself, something serious crept in to him, and with the renewed Mac their relationship alters. V’Lane is a Fae mystery and he is one of those unknown factors that makes you want to unravel it all. He genuinely seems to care for Mac and tries to help her only, there are more strings that yank at him and I wonder what his part really is in the overall plot arc. If there aren’t already enough intricately layered characters in the Fever world Ryodan had to step up to the plate and expand his presence within Dreamfever. He is blunt, apparently on Barrons side, very powerful and part of a group that adds to the “whose side are you on and where do I place you” riddle.

If V’Lane is a mystery than Barrons is a mystery wrapped within an enigma. When Mac went Pri-Ya I thought I would get to know another side of Barrons and while I got slivers of events, images and emotions I was so hungry for more. This is where I got frustrated, this is where my impatience started to rise its head and Karen Moning worked my fascination for this man like no tomorrow. Barrons only became more intriguing, more intricate, more mysterious, more tightlipped-in control-you-will-do-as-I-say-when-I-say-it-Mss. Lane. Until there were moments he wasn’t all that in control, or just plain allowed Mac to rummage in his memory, which is always a possibility too with Barrons. I never got enough of the man and at the same time love the feel he is giving me in this series with the fact I still have so much to look forward to. Of slowly peeling the layers of him and find out what is hidden at the core, what and who he truly is. Mac and Barrons, Barrons and Mac, how they move in this dark compelling, sensuous dance of which they are learning the steps as they go along. There exists something between them that is very unique and one of the reasons what makes me return to this world and series every single time.

The character development is going hand in hand with the plot. Now the plot is moving along, not too slowly that my interest may be lost. But not too quickly either so my thirst for all the answers is instantly quenched and the character development might lose its impact. It is an formidable place Karen Moning is keeping me in as I remain engaged to all that is going on with the characters. It made me want to read Dreamfever fast and slow at the same time. Fast, as to find out all Moning was willing to give me yet slow to let me savor every detail and nuance of the plot and dialogues. Of course there is also action but at times the story was very dialogue driven and Mac was meeting each opponent head on. Still, when there was action to be had, it exploded from the pages and I could see in my mind’s eye; the Sidhe-Seer’s invading Dublin, kicking various creatures petunia left and right.

As I was nearing the end the stakes raised another notch and I got to meet Christian MacKeltar again. I really would like to hear his story. He is just such a MacKeltar and I can’t get enough of these Celtic Druids. As with every Fever book Karen Moning ends with a cliff hanger of gigantic proportions and all I am saying is that I refuse, I just flat-out refuse to believe what is implied in the ending of Dreamfever. Of course now I just want book five or pick Moning’s brain, either one would be fine and just as impossible to get.

I got it all with Dreamfever, I was instantly sucked in the vortex of the Fever world with a renewed Mac to meet. I got thriving action, passion and sizzling dialogues, I got a step ahead in the overall plot arc and I got Fae magic in all its forms. It was an exciting chapter in Mac’s tale and I look forward to its conclusion. Dreamfever gives it all to the urban-fantasy reader.

Quote Mac:
“You are the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen,” I tell him.
“You are perfect.”
He makes a strangled sound and mutters something about how I might seriously reconsider that at some point. I ignore it. He says many mystifying things. I ignore them all. I admire the prenatural grace of his body. Dark, strong, he pads like a great beast, muscles rippling. Black and crimson symbols cover much of his skin. It’s exotic, exciting. He is large. The first time I almost couldn’t take him. He fills me, sates me completely. Until he is no longer inside me and I am empty again.