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Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning My review in 2006: Ok, this book should come with a warning! Or maybe it's already out there and I just didn't pick it up. Have you ever read the previous books of Karen Moning and expect the same? Well, forget it! Longing for a delicious dark Fae or Highlander as a hero? Dig up your magnifying glass. Do you want romance, passion and plundering bodies? Give the snooze button another hit! For Karen Moning turns into another direction and yet you read an original Moning story all the way!!

Mackayla is an average 22 year old with normal wants and needs, but with one phone call her life takes a dramatic turn. Her sister and best friend Alina was murdered in Ireland and she leaves Mackayla a message which doesn't make sense. It doesn't take long for Mac to decide to go to Ireland and figure out what her sister tried to tell her.

With this first book in the FEVER series Karen Moning takes us further into the realm of the Tuathé de Danaan, the Seelie and Unseelie. From the very first page I wandered into Mackayla's world, feeling her emotions, despair, andgrief, but also her determination to find that what destroyed her sisters light. With every page the suspense is building up, question's rise with Mac as she develops a new perspective of the world and you hope that she finds her answers. V'Lane and Barrons make me want more. V'Lane as a death-by-sex Fae (God I love that expression of Mac) makes a woman throb for everything a male body has to offer (How can Karen Moning do this to us!! I wanted plundering wild passion and hungry devouring bodies as only she can write it. She puts us on a diet and ladies, I'm starving!) Then there is Barrons, he's so mysterious about who he is and Karen Moning gives us just a few hints of information, talk about torture!!!

All my comments on this book is given with a wink because with her unique and rich writing style Karen Moning gives us an Urban Fantasy novel of world class and although I missed the romance aspect a little bit she fills it up with an amazing fast paced story, an incredible heroine and a quest of mega proportion's in a world that's just not the same anymore.

I've closed this book that left me wanting for more and now I'll eagerly await the release of Blood Fever!