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Bloodfever - Karen Marie Moning I eased into the story of Bloodfever with very little effort as the thoughts and feelings of Mac quickly made me a part of her world again!

Mac’s world is no longer filled with sunbathing at the pool, pink clothes and magazine’s but with the Unseelie, dark comfortable clothes and living in a bookstore. Life pulled a 180 on her and she was handling it so far, still the shades grew bolder by the day, old and new enemies finding her and she remains at Barron’s side for the quest of the Sinsar Dubh. Many obstacles are in their way with an inspector that watches her closely, her father whom brings a visit and like a home beacon for trouble many want Mac out of the way. Yet, Mac’s stubbornness for information leads her to new grounds…

In Bloodfever things become darker and nastier as Mac’s journey continues. I enjoyed myself, getting acquainted again with the quirky humor of Mac and the effect she has on her surroundings. Sometimes I read a story which effortlessly wraps me up, taking me in to a world that is relentless to let me go, this happened to me with Bloodfever. Karen Moning gave me what I came to expect from her, quality, a world that holds me in its grip and intense characters that make me relate to the journey and emotions they’re feeling. And intense they were, with electrified energy between Barrons and Mac it is a sinful pleasure to read their conversations and non verbal communications. At times I thought: ‘when is this going to erupt into something wickedly physical?’ Though Barrons is gorgeous, arrogant and has a large dose of mystery I didn’t get to witness him in a wickedly physical state…much! Still he’s one of the most delectable men I’ve ever read about and the only frustration I had was that I didn’t read enough of the man in Bloodfever.

V’Lane, to me, is a category all on its own, giving us a new feel to the Fae world and still oddly it remains the same. Mac takes centre stage of course as this book is written from the first person. Mac is bold; she’s fresh with a language of her own that makes me smile and has a zest for life that makes heroines out of women! Because Karen Moning portraits such a strong personality with her own habits and reading just about her every thought, I connected very easily with Mac again, empathizing with her during the journey and choices she makes. She grows, learns and I for one am very curious where she ends up and with who!

Though I didn’t experience the revelations in Bloodfever as mind blowing they were still very interesting! I kind of feel like Karen Moning has a strategy in mind, which of course she only knows, and all the characters need to be in a certain place for a spectacular final. Only, we’re nowhere near the ending of these Chronicles, so I’m left with this tortures feeling of where this is all going. Still, from first till last page my interest was played by bits of new information or characters that kept me eager and flipping the pages to find out where Bloodfever would end. Because Barrons, sort of, remains wrapped up in mystery, V’Lane cloaked in death-by-sex energy and Mac still tries to unravel it all!

With this novel I feel that Karen Moning isn’t going to give it to us easy but who wants easy when hard-to-get is so much fun!