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Faefever - Karen Marie Moning The first hundred or so pages felt like dredging through mud as a lot of repetitive information is thrown at the reader. I remembered this also being a part of Bloodfever but this time it felt like torture of going through it all again and it bordered on becoming irritating. The pace fell flat with just a tiny morsel here and there of new information which kept me invested in Mac and her adventures by a thread. It was sheer stubbornness on my part that kept me going, until V’Lane and Barrons got more entangled into the storyline and spitting out some much needed information.

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice and I’ll say it again, Karen Moning knows how to portray exceptionally fascinating characters that speaks to the imagination. Her world is dark, it is crowded with Fae, Druids, Sidhe Seers and it is a feast for the Urban Fantasy reader to dwell in. I feel that there is one downside though, the plot is slow, almost too slow, and while the second half of this story definitely picked up on speed it somewhat diminished the overall joy in reading this tale. The second half is where the information starts to flow and feels like Karen Moning is up to her usual moving writing style. Things start to happen and I got intrigued to see alliances shift and other ones align, but by then I was already a 125 pages into the story of the 300 it counts. It is like watching a chess game where characters make choices and travel a road less traveled to encounter unexpected oponents. With the main players a cloak of mystery is still surrounding them and I’m not saying many answers are provided but what is revealed definitely stirred my heart rate as to where this is all is going.

Mac is still clinging on to a shred of the fun loving, sun worshipping, southern belle she once was. She is in Dublin roaming its streets, requiring pieces of information and she has to make decisions. In essence she remains the same gal I met in Darkfever and Bloodfever, thrown in a world she still has to completely discover. Yet, Mac is also learning as she goes while 3 men have a greater effect on her with each passing event. Written from the first person it gave me a very intimate connection with Mac and this made the last few chapters all the more poignant. I could sympathize with Mac in her need to figure things out, the fear she felt or sometimes just flat out wanted to strangle Barrons for keeping such an aloof way of conduct.

Mac is the centre of Faefever but there are some memorable secondary characters surrounding her. I got to know V’Lane, the death-by-sex-fae better and perceived him from another perspective. Barrons, well, that man irks the life out of me. He is mysterious, dark, exudes an old world charm with lethal danger and oh, did I already mention he is mysterious. That man is more tight lipped about his past and who he is than an oyster is to reveal its pearl! I love him, I hate him and can’t go without him in a Fever novel. And then there is he-who-shall-not-be-named. Due to spoilerish nature I will not say his name but he and his background become more important and I just loved it, loved him and hope his part in the overall story becomes even bigger.

There is also the tribe of Sidhe Seers that contribute to this tale and I can’t figure out where they stand, especially the matron of the bunch feels like she has ulterior motives yet to be explained. In the end the plot bolts into a higher gear and had a few ‘jump of the pages’ moments that had me succumbed to those last few chapters. If you want a sense of completion than don’t pick up Faefever for it will leave you hanging with the singular desire for the next episode in the Fever Chronicles. The brutal and apocalyptic ending made me want just one more chapter, one more page, and in the end, one more sentence would’ve done the trick.

To leave it like this and to have to wait for another year, well, I can keep myself occupied with other books and let the desire for Dreamfever go dormant until a month before its release date. But for those who want the full and complete story wait until they are all released and then start reading them in one sitting.

What started out slow and slightly annoying became an engaging read that spiraled to a heart rendering cliff hanger!

V’Lane began bringing me gifts. One day he brought me chocolate that wouldn’t make you gain weight, no matter how much I ate.