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Nowhere Ranch - Heidi Cullinan Nowhere Ranch didn't hit the bulls eye for me but I love the couples Heidi Cullinan puts together! The problem for me was that I thought the internal struggles with Travis Loving and Roe Davis far more interesting then the external one's. Roe and Travis both have a few issues that ignite a series of emotions with each of them. From control issues to fear I liked the interplay it provoked from both men. On the other hand I thought the family/religion issues a bit overdone and it irked me. Especially when at the end one thing was provided for and the whole "gay issue" was seemingly forgotten. I would've loved a good conversation between Roe and his mother, an explanation of some sort.

The story however revolved mainly around Roe and Travis giving me two men who are direct, raw and without pretense. The sexy times provided for some intriguing scenes and it was in these moments that I missed the point of view form Travis. It would've enhanced the impact of the moment even more if the sole narrator wasn't Roe. Save that I couldn't get enough of them together and their journey.

A sexy start which gained emotional depth by the end. Really enjoyed it!

3.5 stars