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Dark Needs at Night's Edge - Kresley Cole The Wroth brothers are set out to save the last and final brother who has succumbed to the vampire bloodlust and in no way willing to give it up. Conrad is hell bend on revenge as he was turned in to a vampire without his knowledge at the time. A remote manor is bought for the very occasion of determining if Conrad can be saved or is lost for all eternity. As the Wroth brothers find Conrad it takes all three of them to bind Conrad with magical enforced handcuffs and sedate him as he is brought to this secluded manor.

Néomi was brutally murdered at her manor, Elancourt, in the 1920's and has haunted the place ever since. No one can see her, touch her, hear her and she lives in her small world of her manor. Now four giant men enter her world, stir up her dull routine and trash her beloved place as they try to hold on to a giant mad man. As her anger turns in to rage for their disrespect of her belongings it evaporates just as fast when the mad man says: "beautiful.....woman." He could see her!

Now Néomi visits this man as much as she can and with the drugs leaving his system Conrad gets to meet this vivacious woman that yearns to live again and he discovers a peace with her he never knew could exist. But how can a mad vampire, who can only live again by finding his Bride, fall for a ghost, who can never become a woman of flesh and blood again?

Prepare yourself for a searing paranormal romance story that is out of this world. It never seizes to amaze me how Kresley Cole can take me on this emotionally intense and at times action packed tale. The love that develops between Conrad and Néomi is so profound that it left me breathless, aching for more as I turned the last chapter but yet utterly satisfied. But it was with the mere first page I was part of The Immortals After Dark World again luring me to keep turning the pages, devouring every scene and in one afternoon I finished DARK NEEDS AT NIGHT'S EDGE.

I must admit that I had a few fears as I heard about this novel and that it would evolve around a ghost and a vampire. The question with the capital Q was: "How is Kresley Cole going to pull it off?" Well let me tell you, she is pulling it off and in an amazing way too. Kresley Cole leaves no doubt that from the minute Conrad and Néomi meet it is all about feelings, not always nice feelings, but true to their characters making them leap of the pages. One of the most erotic scenes in this tale is where Conrad and Néomi verbally seduce each other, a scene so masterfully described it made my heart speed up in anticipation.

Their sensuous passion is a double edged sword, for they both hunger for physical release, they both want to explore. Nonetheless, she as a ghost and he as a vampire who hasn't found his Bride yet, are just incapable of doing much more then talk and fantasize. This gives a feeling of a hauntingly beautiful romance that has very little chance and it makes you empathize with all Conrad and Néomi have to endure. It just made me root for every step forward in their conquest of love. It is not only their sensuality that is captivating. It is also their past that bares the foundation for some gripping events and gives Conrad and Néomi a depth that makes you relate to them so very easily.

What would an Immortal After Dark novel be without the Valkyrie? You just have got to love Nïx as "The Ever-Knowing" soothsayer, her particularly humor as she is consulted by many just makes me wonder with what kind of man she will end up. But most of all she makes me smile and laugh, especially her comment about licking horns just cracked me up! There were various secondary characters like the demons Cade & Rydstrom, the Wroth brothers, more of the Valkyrie coven that all gives authenticity to the Lore, The Accession and the world in general created by Kresley Cole. Though it all gives a splendorous background this novel was all about Conrad, Néomi and their love for each other.

Kresley Cole knows how to give the reader a superb plot, action driven scenes that rises the blood pressure but for me DARK NEEDS AT NIGHT'S EDGE is first and foremost an emotionally moving paranormal romance which can do nothing but reverberate with the paranormal romance reader of now-a-day! A more then worthy addition to this series and I can't wait for DARK DESIRES AFTER DUSK released on June 16th.