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Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night - Kresley Cole I wonder as I close the third novel, Wicked deeds on a winter's night: Can the Immortal after dark series get any sweeter then this?

Bowen is desperate for the prize of The Hie, his heart knows and feels only one yearning: the return of his murdered mate Mariah to his life, to his body, to his heart. There isn't much that he wouldn't do to reach that goal. During the hunt for the artifacts Bowen meets a witch Mariketa and instantly passion ignites. Still Bowen focuses on his goal and raises his natural barrier of hate for witches and refuses his hunger which is thrumming through his veins. In the end he traps Mariketa with a few others in the cave not knowing something evil lurks in the dark....

In the next weeks both Bowen and Mariketa find out what torture can be like and through circumstances their paths cross again. Though it was a matter of weeks much has changed as the Lykae inside of Bowen roars: Mine his mind roars: No! Yet as they both travel they cannot escape their Destiny, whether it is one they experience together will demand the strength of love, the healing of hope and the power of forgiveness.

With Bowen's story I was thrown back in to the last days of The Hie, only witnessing it from a different perspective this time. Though it felt a bit awkward in the beginning as I knew certain things would happen and the why of it all. It made me feel a bit torn up as Kresley Cole took me to the other side, to the side of Bowen. He grabbed my heart so early on in this series and with his story it only amplified. With a masterful skill in setting up a story and giving voice to devilishly good developed characters she gave me a tortured hero whom evolved throughout the story in such a man any reader of the paranormal genre would pine for. I could do no other then fall head over heels for him, his gruff attitude, his sometimes tactless behavior and then suddenly being utter seductive or thoughtful, all this reflected a great and powerful Lykae whom still made mistakes.

Mistakes Mariketa could not always forgive so easily and there is one time that I actually empathized with Mariketa. She is an interesting mixture of vulnerability and awakening strength which made me attach myself to her with very little effort, I enjoyed her every moment as she had her own Destiny to grow towards. Mariketa and Bowen together are equal to a Bonfire, hot, scorching and consuming, teased with small erotic encounters they fill the pages with heated interaction and a sensuality that is tantalizing slow working its way up to crest in to a possessive passion that I longed for.

The characterization skills and the way Kresley Cole makes it all come alive is something that I revel in as a reader. The investment of time she put in the research is evident in her world building, the set up of each novel in her Immortals after dark series, with each separate thread of Lore, Faction, The Hie and The Accession she interlaces it all into a spectacular background for the characters to shine in. With a solid quality and maybe with a quiet grace the author won me over instantly wanting the next entry in this series!

Another thing that had me rapidly reading the pages is the plot in Wicked deeds on a winter's night, though the start of the book was a crossover with No rest for the wicked it quickly took me in to another direction with Mariketa being the accelerator. There are a few twists and turns that I just didn't see coming and had a huge effect on both me and the story. I dreaded the fact that the ending of this novel came into sight knowing that the author gave Bowen a worthy story and a incredible HEA. The only thing that lessens the frustration of ending it is that I can re-read it and that other novels are in the works.

Immortals after dark is as addictive as dark chocolate!