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Upon the Midnight Clear - Sherrilyn Kenyon I've been grunting, roaring and mumbling in myself as I read this book and it wasn't pretty, still in some odd way I was mildly pleased, note....I said pleased, not ecstatic or raving. First I have to say that I feel that Sherrilyn Kenyon over did it a bit with Aidan's attitude, especially the first half of the book he was in one state of mind: I-do-not-trust-anyone-for-I-have-been-royally-******-over-by-everyone-in-my-life. Then we have Leta, a Goddess who needs Aidan's anger, no problem there I would say, so she can attack Dolor who has been summoned after god knows how many decades and ready to spread menace. Dolor is summoned by the one who holds a major grudge against Aidan and Leta needs to protect him so with a knock on the door she arrives at Aidan's secluded cabin.

This novella just couldn't grab me, hold me, and nurture the reader in me with a well written story, characters or plot. I have to admit there where incidentally moments I enjoyed the sarcastic comments of Aidan and the fast reactions of Leta letting a ghost of a smile hover over my lips, the passion and the message of the story where also enjoyable. What saved this novella from being a total waste was the last 70 pages, where Aidan let go of his attitude a bit and started to realize a few things, I know that's called character development but when a character rubs you the wrong way on the brink of tossing the book aside it is a relief! I also got presented with a 24 hours I don't like you - steaming up the bedsheets - get an epiphany - HEA - story, I know there are more out there like that but with this story it was just one more thing that couldn't make me agree with the lot of it.

I'm curiously wondering why I was pleased in some odd way as I read what I'm writing....oh right, so those last 70 or so pages gave me some pleasure with the chemistry of Leta and Aidan, the epiphany with Aidan was nice and made the end have a bit more impact, the plot had a message that fits the season and it has a happy holiday cheery end. Also, since where about 11 days away from Christmas I liked the added extra as it got me in the spirit of the season seeing Ash, Simi, Kyrian, Nick and all the New Orleans crew and the teaser for Xypher had me practically drooling but I'm reserved for the last few books of Sherrilyn Kenyon have received a lot of good promotions which turned me in to jell-o for the book but in the end never truly gotten what I wanted.

I can't in all good conscience say: `Go out and buy the book for this is something you can't miss!' I thought it to a certain degree entertaining if you have lots on your mind and you just want an easy going story that, once finished, will not linger long in your mind. Furthermore, to my understanding and knowledge this was supposed to be a holiday present from Sherrilyn Kenyon to her fans, can I just roar a bit in frustration and say that I feel robbed for the prize of 5,50 euro's that's about $ 8,00 and say in my opinion: 'Present!!! A present would have been a booklet with this story given to the fans!'

A last note: This is my first review of a book from the hand of Sherrilyn Kenyon that I truly bashed and this makes me almost want to cry for she introduced me to those vampires I will always treasure in my heart.