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Devil May Cry - Sherrilyn Kenyon With Sin, the Sumarian ex-god, I got introduced to a whole new pantheon with its own evil lurking to spread their menace on Earth. There is betrayal, torture, pain and in the end thoughts of revenge but Sin meets his match in the form of Katra. They are both linked to the world of the gods and the goddesses which creates equal grounds for them to play on and this gives interesting moments! Together they tell a well paced tale where passion burns, action thrives and the evil guys just gotten a bit more evil, destructive and harder to kill.

In this installment of the dark-hunter series it mainly focuses on the pantheon related characters, this gives the readers a large dose of tortured ego's, stripping of powers and punishment, planned revenge and intrigues. Although this change of venue was entertaining to read I longed for the dark-hunters and wondered if they were going to make an appearance. True, that secrets are revealed that filled pages with heartwarming dialogue, a romance that sparkled with their energy and evolves into a bond of strength and passion with some kick ass moments in fighting off the evil creatures. The enemies have some serious plans going on in the come-back department that kept me intrigued whether they would succeed with Kessar at the lead.

This novel eat-breaths and hums with the flair of Sherrilyn Kenyon's writing and with that makes it a pleasure to read. For me it feels though as if this is a novel in service of the series connecting and explaining things. Which isn't a bad thing as questions, in time, need to be answered but after all the dream and were-hunter violence we've had I longed for those hunters that set this series on fire. The story gives us the pantheons with its gods and goddesses, we're brought deeper into their world, their intriguing behavior as they are always on the prowl for more power and seek domination but in the end it's human feelings that win the day. Sin and Katra are incredible together between all the drama going on and then the cast of secondary characters like: Ash, Damien, Zakar, Xypher, Simi and her sister Xirena each add their own voice to it within the end the heifer goddess still remaining the heifer goddess.

With Devil may cry Sherrilyn Kenyon has written a novel where events no longer remain in the dark, she definitely sets the stage for Ash's books. We get to see a glimpse of his history and torture but also his relationship with Artemis is highlighted here and there. When the last pages were read I truly felt that this story had to be told, for this series is heading in new directions. In the last chapter, when two people meet, I know the things to come are going to be diabolical and this wets my appetite! Overall I enjoyed the read but a shadow was cast for I longed to read a true dark-hunter novel and that craving wasn't fulfilled, it was too much pantheon oriented. So a duality in feelings torment me as I close the book, series wise I truly enjoyed the book but as a novel I missed the whole selling-my-soul-for-one-act-of-revenge and the path to regaining freedom.