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Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 5) - J.R. Ward There are 500 pages of Vishous story and I didn't really get what I needed from this romance novel. In the previous novels Vishous is portrayed as a smart ass, strong, bold and sure as hell of himself Brother but I couldn't find this all back when he finally takes center stage. His story starts with a shocker in his lineage department which immediately grabbed my attention and I snuggled on the couch for prime brotherhood reading time.

V has his destiny revealed and he's not in any way warming up to it. Still dealing with this he gets shot by a lesser and ending up in a human hospital finding a woman that makes him instantly growl: Mine. As Butch and Phury rescue him he demands that Dr. Jane is taken with him and arriving at his penthouse V doesn't really understand himself but is accepting the emotions he's feeling. V and Jane are discovering each other as Phury finds a darker side and John Matthew's journey continues. Still destiny will not be so easily discarded and for every joy there will a price of pain. Will V take control of his destiny or will he submit?

As I close this book I felt like I was blown away by a hurricane of chaotic storylines, though the novel is starting strong I couldn't relate to the romance of V and Jane. It was like they weren't given enough time and space to tell their story as strong, almost overbearing sub plotlines take away your attention and this left me detached. V and his preferences in the passion department was something that could have been more developed as this is such a defining part of his character. It is briefly mentioned in a scene with a female but as things got interesting J. R. Ward seems to back out on it. I feel that the emotional turmoil of V would've been better served if the domination was more developed and this would come in to conflict with his feelings for Jane. I felt disconnected with their love; their journey and this frustrated me for I know J.R. Ward can deliver.

Instead what captured my attention was John Matthew and his pre-trans adventures, emotions and his interaction with Blaylock and Qhuinn. Also Phury whom gotten more interesting with every page and at the end of the story I felt that he was taking it over, dominating the story as you will. The Scribe Virgin made me feel a moment or two relating to her but most of the time I was riding on a do-not-like-her wave. Though J.R. Ward knows how to create a spectacular romance story that keeps me anchored while a lot is going on around the main couple, this is not happening in Lover unbound. This is what I just missed the most and can't help that this feeling over rides the better parts.

I enjoyed the interaction between V and Butch, wrapping their unfinished business up very nicely, but I missed the whole prophecy direction which was such an interesting ending in Lover revealed. Though the story bears enough quality storytelling for me to keep flipping the pages it is more likely that the story of Vishous will either work for you or won't. For me it clearly didn't with certain things I just missed and the ending was like a cold shower, others maybe see it as bold or daring as love will always find a way, I think it is an unreal ending and making me feel V deserves something more and better. Overall I enjoyed the story but not so much for the love quest of V and Jane but more for the sub plotlines, interaction between the warriors and world building and I, in any case, don't want the secondary cast of characters to outshine the main hero and heroine.

This is definitely something different from J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood!