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Luke - Jan  Irving LUKE was a nice read but it lacked substance. None of the elements was bad but neither did anything jump off the pages, triggering emotion or getting me to form a connection to the characters. Perhaps the simplicity of the story was too much for me; Luke is freaking out over the fact he now has to take care of his new born daughter. He meets Morgan in a small town who needs a cowboy to fix up his ranch. Luke of course is that much needed cowboy and takes the job gladly. Morgan is gay, Luke is attracted to him but has always shared the sheets with women. Put them together in a small ranch and let the chemistry do the work...

Jan Irving created a light hearted and sexy read but it felt like I was reading a dime a dozen story. The whole story remained in the "nice" territory; the baby definitely added the "aaawwwww, cute" factor yet Luke didn't really question or struggle with his attraction to Morgan. The characterization, the dialogues, the storyline itself, it all remained too much on the surface. I know it is hard to create depth in the page span of a novella but even with the focus on Luke and Morgan their personalities seemed to fall flat.

Novella's are a tricky read for me and I mostly read them to sample the author's voice. With LUKE, Jan Irving left me with an okay feeling but unfortunately nothing triggered my need to read more from her.

A nice, simple story that was quick to read.