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Always - M.L. Rhodes I'm glad this book contains both stories in the Never let Go series revolving around Will McClaren and Ethan Gallagher because book #1 Never Let Go contains a beginning and an ending but it is book two that deepens the storylines, giving it more of a bite. The chemistry between Will and Ethan is fantastic and it's the thing I loved the most about both stories. Friends turn lovers they already know much about each other but now they have a whole new side of each other to explore, not to mention years of suppressed sexual desires to satisfy.

For me book one took too big a leaps in de story progress for it to be complete satisfactory. But, I had the opportunity to dive in to book #2 Hearts And Bones and it adds the layer I've been searching for. The author gave me enough of Ethan to make his character progress work and with a gripping plotline it fleshed out the overall story in just the right way.

Always #1-2 is a fast and furious read of love, passion and danger. Three ingredients that blended into a wonderful story!