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Finding Zach - Rowan Speedwell A story that overall was emotionally moving but the character progress of Zach had a few holes in them. I didn't like the fact that right after his rescue we speed 2 years in to the future. It was too much of a gap and even though Zach had to go through the emotional turmoil’s it seemed to me it was the tail of it all. I wanted to go through all the motions with him; the good, the bad, the ugly. I got that at some degree but not deep enough for the situation portrait in this story. Even the end was rushed. I wanted Zach to tell us his story too but as the reader we got his opening line and then were left hanging.

What absolutely rocked was the reconnection of David and Zach. It was with fights, misunderstandings, anger, tears, love, joy, laughter and a good doses of sexual chemistry that made me a part of their romance. Their interaction, on so many levels, spoke of intensity! The kind that makes me care about the characters, pulls me into the story and takes me along for the journey. That is why it created such a contrast when the author leaves certain things untold, it gave me a feeling of being left out.

There are very good things about this story with a few errors but overall David and Zach equal a beautiful story of survival and the strength of love.