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Atlantis Unleashed (Warriors of Poseidon, Book 3) - Alyssa Day With the ending of Atlantis Awakening I don’t think there was one reader out there, loving this series and who didn’t scream for Justice’s story. I count my blessing in that regard that I didn’t read Atlantis Awakening upon release but only just this month, with Atlantis Unleashed already on my shelves. With reading the final pages I can say that Justice left its mark all over Atlantis Unleashed and took me on his journey of the heart and soul. For all of you who have been on edge for the continuation of this series the time has finally arrived for Justice to step up to the plate and deliver his tale in all its glory.

Justice is a warrior of Poseidon with his distinctive blue hair and sword strapped to his back. He nurtures a defying attitude and inborn arrogance which makes him the embodiment of a warrior who knows his strengths and knows what he can do. I enjoy sinking my teeth in to a hero who is as complex as he is delectable, and Justice fits the bill like a glove. I fell for Justice his Nereid side, a bit provoking and taunting, a bit dark and reeking of undiscovered power. These kind of character traits are my chocolate on any day, but moreover, it brought out his Atlantean side of protectiveness, of honor and of righteousness. Alyssa Day created the kind of page space to convey his story in-depth, allowing Justice to come alive via the pages and this ultimately made the ending so emotionly steeped for me.

Usually in any given story I enjoy the heroine in various degrees but my focus always seems to be drawn towards the hero. Not so with Alyssa Day’s Warriors of Poseidon stories, twice now she dished out a heroine that shined equally as the hero. In Atlantis Unleashed Keely and Justice were no different at the core, they became a one-two punch as they set each other emotionally reeling. With Keely McDermott I got presented to another heroine who is not only fiercely intelligent, she is also gifted and has an independent mind but for the first time I felt my focus shift slightly more towards Justice.

This did not diminish the fact that I reveled in the impact Keely had on the story, or Justice for that matter. She, as an archeologist, receives an opportunity of a lifetime and with her gift she spins the overall plot arc in to new directions. Her passion for history, artifacts and the hunt for discovery is something I could sympathize with and I can’t wait to see what the future of this series has in store for her.

What I think is superbly done by Day is that with the first chapter I got to witness the final events in Atlantis Awakening from Justice’s point of view and immediately sets the tone for Atlantis Unleashed. The author evoked the image of those final moments and thereby refreshing the memory of the readers. From the start there is a different vibe to this tale and it is because Justice bleeds his essence all over this story. He is a darker, grittier and his Nereid and Atlantean side are warring with each other for dominance. Via Keely I got to see some heart breaking moments in Justice’s life and combined with the presence it delivers an in-depth portrayal of a man, shaped by the past and unsure about his future.

The romance of Keely and Justice is gradually increased up to a point where I just wanted to have them go all hot and heavy with each other but the story refrained from such actions. Alyssa Day taught me patience and after many chapters of character and romance development I was rewarded with some hot loving scenes where the background and the situation enhanced it and brought it all together for a delicious release. I gobbled it all up from start to finish, I was so in to their story that the last third of it hurled me in to romantic bliss. Every time I think of that smooth stone my heart cries out and it is a real defining moment in the story.

As the romance and character development took my attention the plot thickens and was wreaking havoc in the background. I was introduced to two new characters of whom I can’t wait to hear more about; the journalist Tiernan Butler and the Poseidon warrior Liam. The plot centers on the Trident and its jewels and I got more information that enticed me as it took me from Atlantis to the cemetery in St. Louis, to the jungles of Guatemala. Plot wise Atlantis Unleashed felt like a story that formed a bridge to something major which will perhaps happen in Atlantis Unmasked. Something is happening and I can’t really pinpoint it in this novel, it is more of a vibe containing certain events than anything else.

The group of secondary characters like Conlan, Ven, Riley, Brennan, Aleric and Quinn all deliver moments where they accelerate the overall plot as well as their own individual story threads. There is a high-risk battle in the end, yet with various things going on at the same time I feel much still needs to be explored. The events partaking at the cemetery of St.Louis especially held my attention and is one of the reasons I can’t wait to read Atlantis Unmasked, the other one is Alexios. In each book Day delves a bit deeper in the individual character development allowing the full cast to thrive in this series. With such an extensive cast of characters there isn’t one that doesn’t appeal to me or doesn’t hold my interest as his or her storyline continues.

In Atlantis Unleashed I found moments of desperate and dark emotions, events of high-octane action, where the romance led up to a battle where it exploded in its entire splendor and where Atlantis readies itself for another chapter. Justice and Keely delivered a riveting read that will rock within the paranormal genre. Way to go for Atlantis and way the go Alyssa Day!

Quote Keely:
Where Conlan had given the impression of royal command, and Ven was all rough-and-ready warrior, something in this one’s eerie green glowing eyes and the harsh lines of his face spoke of dark deeds whispered in shadow alleys. This one would draw blood before you even knew you’d been cut, and he enjoyed doing it.

Quote Aleric:
Ever instinct he possessed screamed at him to go after Quinn. Logic dictated that he assist Alexios. Emotion battled reason.
Longing warred with rationality.
Emotion kicked logic’s ass.
He was going after Quinn.

Quote Justice:
He was undone. He, who conquered thousands of enemies and survived countless bloody battles, was shattered by the gentle words of a human. She wanted to risk herself for him.