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Eve of Destruction - S.J. Day S.J. Day is rapidly making a name for herself in the urban fantasy genre with her Marked series! Not only is Book #2, Eve Of Destruction (TOR/June) occupied with dynamic characters, it also holds a fresh edge-of-your-seat plot within the good versus evil element at its base. At first I got to meet various new characters and the author established an atmospheric backdrop at the military base. It was with each chapter that the pace increased, holding my undivided attention with Eve, Cain and Abel forming the epicenter of this action packed episode. S.J. Day masterfully plays the reader with ongoing revelations that implicates upcoming tribulations for various key characters. A balance is maintained between the revelations and things to come which makes my hands itch for the third novel; Eve Of Chaos (July).

With Eve Of Destruction the story continues and the next chapter in Eve’s development as a new Mark turned out to be an exhilarating one. After the conclusion in Book #1, EVE OF DARKNESS S.J. Day doesn’t waste any time in Eve Of Destruction and took me right back in to Eve’s world of Heaven and Hell. The agnostic, Eve Hollis is a Mark and has to work for her redemption while two infamous brothers, Alec Cain and Reed Abel will not let her go unless they decide to do so.

Eve is getting Mark education with a not so friendly group of classmates. Gadara, Archangel of their firm, decides to take them on a weeklong fieldtrip for some experience in defeating Infernals. On a deserted military base Eve and her classmates are meant to bond together as a group but when someone starts to murder them one by one this fieldtrip suddenly becomes the real deal…

Eve is a “speak your mind” kind of woman with an anal side and a quick witted tongue. Though the novels are not told from the first person narrative I am very much involved with Eve and how everything has an effect on her. She fell smack-dab in the middle of this new world and she keeps herself standing with self reflection and humor and the latter is very important to me. She has the kind of characterization that leaps of the pages and becomes synonymous with female resilience and strength.

To talk about Eve is to think about her two wingmen, Cain and Abel. Cain is a take charge kind of man who bends the rules to make the outcome of a situation a positive one. Abel on the other hand is one who follows the rules in the hope to achieve his own dream. Both men hold their appeal to me. They ooze mystery combined with a power and innate sensually charged energy which will turn them into many readers’ favorite characters. Both men are opposites of each other in sibling rivalry and yet they have a similar side, connecting them in an important way and her name is Eve. Separate they are formidable men but together, in their full glory, they create a stunning picture of male virility.

Eve Of Destruction’s emphasis is on the action and Eve’s growth as a Mark. Still, Cain and Abel take a very prominent place within the story as their triangular relationship shifts and changes. Choices are made with great repercussions which create enticing options. I loved the way S.J. Day showcased the individual storyline, growth and emotional conflict of Eve, Cain and Abel. How it affected them personally and as a connected group, taking their relationship to the next level.

There are also fascinating secondary characters, who are Eve’s antagonists. The Prince of Hell, talk about a fiend enemy that I can’t wait to find out his diabolical plan! Gadara, an Archangel, who puts distance between himself and others is not to be underestimated. Also, there are more Archangels and the classmates of Eve, who have a huge impact on the story. From Holland to New Zealand, there are many countries and personalities represented in this group and each individual added a distinctive voice.

EVE OF DESTRUCTION is just about as good as it gets in the Urban Fantasy. As the plot thickens, tidbits of new information are revealed and the ending left me breathless and in dire need for Eve Of Chaos (July/Tor).

Quote, for no other reason than that my native language is used:
Molenaar yelled from the kitchen, “You attacked me, Krankzinnige vrouw!”

Quote Eve:
Eve growled. “Of course I’m scared! Why wouldn’t I be? Four weeks ago the most stressful thing I faced was fitting a client’s wish list into her budget. Now I’m lucky to survive the day, between the Infernals that Cain pissed off in the past and the ones I’m annoying right now.”

Quote Cain:
There was more than sex and love involved in his feelings for Eve – respect and admiration, affection and nostalgia. The best days of his life had been spent with her.

4,5 stars