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Nauti Dreams - Lora Leigh Quote:
The Nauti Boys were thick as thieves, it was said. Their loyalty was to each other and to family alone.

The very first thing that inexplicitly drew me to the Nauti series was that mystifying bond between those MacKay men that said: “I’ll have your back at all times.” Rowdy, Dawg and Natches shared a youth together, shared their first time and every woman after that. At first I was given an easy mix of sultry sex, alluring romance and a suspenseful note in Nauti Boy but with book two, Nauti Nights, the balance already shifted a bit with more attention for a full bodied plot yet still remaining to give that Nauti vibe. Now, with reading Nauti Dreams Lora Leigh has blown my cap off with the youngest of the Nauti cousins. Natches is one of those men who became stronger then oak through the adversities in his life, it left him a bit dark, a bit nasty and always living on the edge of sanity and always in search of the most dangerous situations as to taunt life itself. Natches enthralled me from the get go in this series and his story is fraught with such steep emotions it literary absorbed me in to the romance that was meant to happen from the first moment Natches and Chaya spoke to each other.

Nauti Dreams opens with a life altering experience between Chaya and Natches and it reached out to me, whisked me away from my couch and threw me in to the story. Such an experience between two people digs deep in to the soul to leave a mark which is everlasting. It forges a bond between them that they cannot deny…how hard either one might try. Years later they meet again and this is where the actual story begins…

Nauti Dreams took me back to the hometown of the MacKay cousins Somerset, Kentucky, where Chaya is officially following up on events partaking in the second novel; Nauti Nights. The things on her hidden agenda remains shrouded in mystery but one thing’s for sure, it somehow is connected to the events of last year and the MacKay family is smack in the middle of it all. If there is one thing the men in this family seriously dislike is flying blind when every one of their honed senses tells them trouble is brewing in their small town. However, that is not the only thing brewing in Somerset. Natches allowed, yes he is that kind of man, he allowed Chaya to walk away from him twice in the past years but now it was time, she was his in every way, heart, soul and body, as he vice versa belonged to her. It was time they quit running and face up to what happened all those years back and let their feelings soar. Well I can tell you that soaring it did! Both in sexuality as in the pent up emotions of the heart. You could feel the past and the attraction burning between them, Natches was challenging Chaya to make it real, right there, right now. It was all there from the first line forging threads between me and the characters ensuring I wouldn’t leave this story until it was told.

Chaya is a woman who was blackmailed in doing this op that she was reluctant to do but she was that much of a professional to see it all through to the ending before she would resign her job. She is tough, she is responsible, she is sensual but also careful to open up and she buries her emotions so deep it takes a very determined man to uncover them. Chaya is a character you can instantly like with her tenacity and resilience for life and mostly because she gives Natches such a good run for his money.

This is one of the things that makes me rave about this story so, Natches and Chaya together. They bicker, they fight, they cry, they laugh, the share a passion that almost makes them go up in flames (but who wouldn’t want that kind of body action?) they want more from each other than anyone else and they open up towards each other in heart breaking scenes. The fact Natches is so sure of his feelings for Chaya had him reacting in a way that would both drive a woman up the wall yet at the same time woe her to surrender her deepest fears. Natches might have a lethal set mind and dark brooding thoughts but when he goes for someone, he really goes for someone, in all open honesty. It gives me that amazing romantic feel to see them work at some form of a relationship, born from such intense moments you can only wonder if they will work it out. The writing style is evoking participation from the reader, to feel, to see, to nit-pick at the information given so good can victor over evil.

Everything is so saturated with emotions as only Lora Leigh can give it and is backed up with a familiar secondary cast and a plot that delves deeper from the one in Nauti Nights. Natches and Chaya may have the spotlight but Dawg, Rowdy and even the rest of the MacKay family are still every bit as important to tell the tale. The bond between the three men is also something that shifts, changes and alters throughout these three books. Love happens to find them and it changes the way they view their sex life and new priorities are formed. Still, amidst all these changes in the end they are still the Nauti men, they are only entering a different phase in their lives. One I wouldn’t mind taking a sneak peak in once in a while and therefore I love the fact there is already a next novel out there named; Nauti Intentions.

The plot is something that held familiar things but also had very surprising elements in them that fueled this story with a frantic search for what was going on and because I read the previous novels I was equally curious where it all could come from. Also Timothy Cranston, as head-honcho of Homeland Security, was a manipulative rodent and someone I loved to hate. As he wasn’t above manipulating everyone to get where he wanted to go, leaving everyone with bits and pieces of the whole picture, it drove Natches crazy. He knew what Cranston was made of and all the more bent on the fact Chaya spill whatever information she had. Towards the ending every storyline came together and gave a finish that took me to that place where I feel a reader’s ecstasy, with tears and all.

Nauti Dreams is Lora Leigh at her finest with romance, passion and suspense working as one to create such a stupendous journey for two people it left a mark on me as a reader. When I started with this series I expected to be charmed with easy-to-read stories. It did start out that way for me but with each novel Lora Leigh proved to me why she is one of the Romantica queens out there!

Quote Chaya about Natches:
He always looked like a dark avenging angel to her. But now, he looked like a savage warrior.

Quote Natches about Chaya:
She deserved gentleness and warmth, and all he had was hunger, lust, and heat.

Quote Chaya:
To be wanted like that. She had never been wanted so desperately by a man as Natches wanted her.

Quote Natches:
And she had changed him. In that short time, she had erased the man he had been, and shown him the man he wanted to be. A man who was worthy of a woman that strong.