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My Wicked Pirate - Rona Sharon For any Historical Romance reader, My Wicked Pirate is one you’ll love to sink your teeth in and receive full satisfaction upon closing this historical treasure! And this is why:

The characters are diverse and distinctive from one another with Alanis and Eros leading the story. While Alanis is hungry for adventure, seeking the freedom to pursue this and see the world, Eros “The Viper” is a complicated, pensive, remote, multilayered man that deems himself irredeemable. He taunts the vested leaders of the world as a Pirate and when their paths cross a plot is set in motion that runs deep and will keep you focused on the desire to unravel both Eros and the plot. Because Alanis is very transparent in her wants and needs but is confronted with a man that intrigues her, makes her feel, provokes her but above all let’s her experience life in all its facets.

While Eros intercepts the ship Alanis is on it is evident from their first encounter that they set each other on fire, their very nature’s creating a vigorous spark set out to consume. The verbal sparring between them is quick, sharp and full of whit only adding to their incredible dynamic as a couple. Though Alanis is set for her fiancé a situation unfolds that gives her a choice, as her choice is made we get to visit Jamaica, Isle de la Tortue, the Kasbah of Algiers, Agadir in Morocco and Italy. The author easily conjures images of exotic places creating a fascinated canvas of an interesting time period. It does not distract from the plot or the personal trials and tribulations of the crucial characters but it adds a backdrop that enhances the feel of Eros’ turbulent past and Alanis’ desire to see the world.

Secondary characters like Giovanni, Niccolo and Greco from the crew aboard Eros’ ship, Alastor, prove to be a welcome addition with their somewhat playful side. Moreover, they have been with Eros for a long time as well as Sanah, whom I got to meet in Algiers. Though Eros calls himself a loner, it is friends in many places that refute this and speak of more to this man then the harsh cold inner nature he displays at times. All the characters had meaning and purpose in this story, from the grandfather of Alanis, to the fiend Cesar. It is with Rona Sharon’s elegant prose and poignant writing style that gives the characters an emotional-laden charge that reaches out to the reader and it did not miss its effect on me.

While the conspiracy thrives and drives Alanis and Eros to new directions, My Wicked Pirate is above all a Romance novel. And though this story is gradually set up the growth of feelings benefits from this, it feels natural, real and in the end delivers on the promise of all consuming feelings that blaze from the pages. I slowly savored the journey of this amazing couple. I emotionally empathized with them creating a stupendous final that had me tearing up and finally feeling like I conquered it all right alongside them.

The plot entails various courts, that of The Sun King of France, Queen Anne of England and torn up Italy with its Princes. Without revealing more then I already did Rona Sharon managed to give this time period a lush, vibrant feel with political intrigue and at the same time making it all about Eros and the woman who chose to love him. The intertwining of the past and present gave both Alanis and Eros a chance to grow and to overcome obstacles. It made me root for them every step of the way!

When I pick up a Historical Romance novel then this is the kind of story I love to read. Complicated characters that reveal a mysterious layer at a time and a complot that holds me spellbound to the pages with intrigue and madcap adventures. With the grandest adventure taking place in this tale is the journey of Love with the capital L. The one that makes hero’s out of men when they forsake all goodness and what makes women courageous and bold when the heart speaks so clearly.

With 400+ pages of historical delight Rona Sharon has set the bar high in this genre!

Quote: Eros “The Viper”
He glimpsed at his bed, then recaptured her gaze. Humor and challenge twinkled in his dark eyes. “What exactly did you have in mind – rough ravishing or prolonged pleasure? I’m game for both diversions.”

Quote Eros “The Viper”
“Don’t make me chase you,” Eros whispered softly in her ear. “I’m endeavoring to behave like the perfect gentleman. Do not tempt the beast in me.”

Quote Alanis about Eros
The man fascinated her. He had the mannerism of a Lord, the reputation of the Monarch of Hell, the body of a Greek god, the handsomest face, and when he was not pillaging – he attended balls at Versailles.

4,5 stars