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Special Delivery - Heidi Cullinan The things that made my heart beat faster:

*College student Sam and trucker Mitch on the road together. Sam is a young man who wants to experience life first hand while Mitch has seen and done it all but got burned. They were two opposites attract in terms of where they were in life but as the title suggest, it delivers a special kind of vibe I enjoyed to the fullest.

*One hell of an opening scene that set the tone for what was to come!

*The story easily pulled me in and kept my attention. Sam was a character who was in a tough spot and immediately became sympathetic. The author pushed buttons with me. I always get aggravated at adult characters who use those in their care for their own benefits, and Sam’s aunt and uncle were such characters.

*The eroticism is a steamy main ingredient through the storyline where a twenty-one year old is on the road to self-discovery. Sam is finally spreading his wings and I do not mind a lot of sensual driven scenes but it also needs to be backed up by growth, feelings and purpose. Eroticism and characterization is a win-win aspect for me and Heidi Cullinan gives this balance most of the times in Special Delivery.

*The angst and emotional conflicts are portrayed well and adds depth to the overall storyline.

*I love it when an author can give me a happy ending where I have stars in my eyes and my heart full of passion and love. Heidi Cullinan gave it to me in Special Delivery.

The things that didn’t work for me:

*I would’ve enjoyed this story even more from a multiple point of view. While I really liked Sam sometimes I just had this urge to get inside Mitch’s mind and get a deeper understanding of his personality.

*For the larger part I didn’t get where the animosity between Mitch and Randy was coming from but eventually got some sort of explanation. I just though the cause of their animosity would be something huge and for me it just didn’t come across as that.

*The emotional angst became somewhat repetitive in the end. It took a long time to get to a conclusion but then when all was wrapped up in a pink bow the ending felt rather abrupt, or perhaps I wanted that momentum to last longer.

Synonyms for Special Delivery:
Erotic – spine-tingly – angst filled – character driven – flowing and entertaining.

Overall Reaction:
Special Delivery is a coming-of-age story that is both sexually liberating and hot as it is imbued with a good dose of emotions. Two third in to the story it lagged as the balance got off, emphasizing on the erotic development. Sam’s characterization was in depth but I would’ve loved a multiple point of view so Mitch and Randy would pull my strings more than they did now. All in all it was a good m/m erotic romance to enjoy!

3.5 stars

Quotes for you to sample:

You want sins, Aunt? I'll show you sinning. I'll make the devil weep; I'll sin so bad.

He was Sam. He was Sunshine. He was Peaches. He was a hot twink fucked by two men at once. He was a male nursing student. He was gay. He was his mother's son. He was a fatherless boy. He was his aunt and uncle's awkward yoke to bear. He was Emma's friend. He was everything, simply, and with no more complications. He was, as they fucked him, the boy who liked to suck cock in the school bathroom. He was the boy who liked comic books, especially stories with slight boys and men who did well because of their cleverness or their kindness. He was the boy who liked music. He was the boy who fucked delivery men in the alley while he was supposed to be working. He was the boy who ran away. He was the boy who fucked two men at once. He was the boy who had been ogled and appreciated and sneered at and envied and seduced all the way across the mountains. He was smart, and he was a fool. He was handsome, and he was awkward too. He was kind, and he was cruel. He was an angel, and he was a whore. He was all these things, because they were him, and they were who he was. After this quote I had I'm A Bitch I'm A Lover by Alanis Morissette in my mind.