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Caressed By Ice - Nalini Singh Disconnected from the PsyNet the Lauren family is presumed dead by The Council. However they found sanctuary at the SnowRiver pack. While the three young ones of his small family are adapting and his brother tries to find his place Judd remains distant and rigid. The hate for Psy within the Pack inflames as Brenna is kidnapped by a vicious Psy and tortured for a long time.
Now Brenna is healing but it takes time and the only one she feels safety with is also the only one no one seems to accept. Still her wolf side demands she find herself again, become whole and strong and with that she seeks out the ice cold Psy Judd. In the shadows there hides a mind that is bent on revenge and the plotting of the Psy Council threatens the SnowRiver Pack, taking the silent revolution another step forward.

I wonder if Nalini Singh can possibly get any better with her Psy-Changeling series for CARESSED BY ICE is another superb addition. It comes down to the personal taste of the reader for each and every novel up to date has it all! Full of passion, intrigue and with danger lurking in the shadow you find yourself immersing in the vibrant world containing characters of extreme contradicted natures. As I started reading in this novel I felt like I was starting where VISIONS OF HEAT has ended and it didn’t take long for me to find my niche.

We already met Judd Lauren in VISIONS OF HEAT. A Psy who reeks of dangerous power and as an Arrow, an elite force of Psy assassins, he knows untraceable ways to kill someone. Silence is what keeps his powers in check or he would become a raging assassin bent on bloodshed. As he helped save Brenna he has seen the extend of her psychic damage and adds his powers to Sasha’s so she can extensively heal her.

With the pairing of Judd and Brenna Nalini Singh hit the bulls-eye again. They are fire and ice that equals steaming interactions. But before there is steam Judd needs to accept that he is connected to Brenna and that is never going to happen if it were up to him. His almost stoic attitude appeals to a woman’s very nature to make him react and feel and though Brenna is far from completely healed she’s determined to be that woman. I feel that though they both bare scars on their soul their romance story is phenomenally fleshed out. The author took her time to create a bond, she honors both their natures and instincts as they come to terms with various feelings but at the same time they challenge each other to take a step forward. There for the passion is almost tantalizing slow but gives even more depth to their characters. Still when the opportunity rises it is hot, demanding and very…very seductive.

If there is another thing that thrives again in this story it is the overall plot. The Council can’t seem to stop plotting and scheming as protocol I take Silence a huge step forward in creating a true hive mind. Of course this leads to the inevitable fact there are Psy who strive for leadership of the hive mind. This gives spine chilling thrills and makes you wonder what the Ghost is all about and how Judd came in to contact with him. It is on many levels that Nalini Singh keeps me succumbed to this story and as every facet intertwines it becomes a riveting read from start to finish.

I love to have been acquainted with the SnowRiver Pack, Hawke as their Alpha leader reveals more than intriguing information about himself. Drew and Riley are brothers that make you think: “you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them”, but they stand as one if family or pack gets hurt. I love that fact, the whole Pack structure, skin privilege even the retribution is violent but necessary to establish power and dominance. Every secondary character, whether friend or foe adds to a grand finale at the end that, once again, made me hunger for the next novel in the Psy-Changeling series.

You will be reluctant to let go of Judd and Brenna as the last pages are read! And with that Nalini Singh has once more proven that she masters strong world building intertwined with unforgettable characters that create a love that soars to incredible heights in bright, sparkling colors.

4.5 stars