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Visions of Heat - Nalini Singh Faith NightStar is a rare Cardinal F-Psy of extraordinary ability and is considered the most valuable asset to the NightStar clan, for her visions are worth millions and perhaps even billions. Her visions have always been business related but lately a darkness has coated certain visions in blood making her taste fear….but a Psy do not feel, so how does one recognize emotion? A compulsion drives Faith to reach out to Sascha of the DarkRiver pack and a born E-Psy.

It is at the moment she enters DarkRiver territory that she meets Vaughn, a predator at heart as the jaguar ferociously roars inside him. The beast in him wants to touch, to stroke, to purr and to play but at the merest touch Faith goes in to a seizure. She is not used to this kind of behavior and as a Psy she wants to rationalize it, explain it away. The more she gets in touch with Vaughn and the jaguar inside him, the more her defensive walls seem to crumble, the very walls that protect her from the unshielded minds.

With a darkness that is present in her life and a jaguar whom just won’t leave her alone it challenges Faith NightStar to show the world her true self. But for a Star to shine darkness must be defeated.

Nalini Singh kicked my reading senses into overdrive with her novel VISIONS OF HEAT. For it is the intricate world building and her outstanding characterization that just knocked me off my feet! If you think that you have any idea where this author is taking you after reading SLAVE TO SENSATION then guess again because you’re about to be surprised.

Nalini Singh manages to keep me spellbound with a complete new vibe to her second novel in her Psy/Changeling series. I’m almost without words here to describe the impact of Faith & Vaughn’s story, yet everything in me wants to rave about this novel. At first it is the soul searing struggle of both Faith and Vaughn that moves me to the deepest core of my being and then Nalini Singh knocked me out with, plot wise, tantalizing discoveries that made me instantly crave the next novel.

Faith, as a rare F-Psy, has had an emotionally barren life yet the courage she portrays as she treads on to new waters is what makes me enjoy her so much as a heroine. Not to mention her gut reactions to Vaughn which speaks of a feisty woman underneath it all and the one thing you want is to see her come in to her own self. Vaughn is first and foremost a jaguar and then a man as an event in the past shaped him to be the Changeling he is today. Still the jaguar loves to play and touch and it is the duality in Vaughn that will appeal to many readers. You just want to get under his skin, be a part of his tight inner circle and to thaw Vaughn’s heart. Making him a part of something beautiful and worthwhile.

As I said before, it is the contradiction of the races that creates such a unique chemistry. Psy with their almost robotic like intellect and reduction of probability versus the Changeling with their instinctual natures and colorful feelings. The Council in the Psy world is almost absolute law and the vision of the author as she further shapes this race is both haunting as it is intriguing. I can’t seem to pull myself away as there is a need in me to understand their preference for Silence. As Nalini Singh delves deeper into the concept of the Psy it also creates a magnetic pull that kept me reading in to the early morning hours. Moreover, it created a stunning backdrop for Faith and Vaughn’s well fleshed out love story to reveal itself upon. It is their very worlds that make them what they are and it results in a step-by-step revealing of sultry heat and emotions that make you feel it all. Every caress, every moment spent, every layer shed, it slowly builds up into a scintillating romance of magnitude that will reverberate through your very heart in the ending.

Revelations are just as much a part of this story as the mystery and romance which kept me firmly anchored in the Psy-Changeling world, hungry for every shred of information I could devour. As Faith and Vaughn take the spotlight there are also many (re-occurring) dazzling secondary characters from the Psy, The DarkRiver and SnowDancers pack that uphold the formidable quality of this novel. Whether they are Psy or Changeling, in the end you just want to read their story and find out in detail what makes them tick. For me this series of Nalini Singh contains all I want from a paranormal romance as she established to create characters that have become so near and dear to my heart.VISIONS OF HEAT is unquestionably storytelling at its best!

4.5 stars