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All Lost Things - Josh Aterovis !!Warning!! If you haven't read the previous books this review might contain spoilers.

I’m amazing myself by wanting to read one book after another in the Killian Kendall Mysteries. I find that once you’re pulled into the life of Killian you get to meet a fascinating young man and the people surrounding him just as bit well developed. With All Lost Things, Josh Aterovis has written a homerun again! The flow of the separate story threads entwined in to an attention grabbing story and by the end I found myself on readers cloud nine. Josh Aterovis even managed to quiet the shock regarding the ending of Reap The Whirlwind as he continues to evolve the storyline of various characters. However this is once again a story revolving around Killian, told from his point of view and he has a new mystery to solve.

One of the things that made me breathe a sigh of relief was the fact Killian and Asher took some time apart. They never worked for me as a couple and the doubt infested thoughts from both sides where getting repetitive. The complete romance aspect was playing second violin but still contained very intriguing new possibilities which I liked far better. Asher doesn't exit the stage though as a new friend of him is being accused of murdering his father. From there Killian is asked to get involved and a new mystery is holding me captivated again.

Even though I'm reading these books consecutively the mystery doesn't get boring. I even got two mysteries for the price of one with a vicious murder and a cold case of over a century old. Original and surprising plots is one of the main ingredients in this series and now that Killian has become a PI apprentice he takes his interest a serious step further. It also introduces Novak whom is a quiet and serious investigator opposed to Killian's exuberance and eagerness to learn. This gives way for a more professional approach to investigating the leads which kept me on edge the entire time. The question remains; did Caleb, Asher's new friend, did or didn't murder his father? I searched for clues just as much as Killian or Novak but Aterovis managed to keep me guessing until that final moment. It is one of the reasons these books become page turners for me! I just have to find out who done it, what the reasons were, and this author gives a highly satisfying conclusion each and every time.

With the smaller but equally intriguing mystery of the ghost Amalie came aunt Judy and she is a character who I loved from the first time she was introduced. A bit known for her nuttiness she is actually a sensitive to things not of this world and the bond she has with Killian only strengthens in this book. They share experiences together and their dialogues are filled with humor. The secondary cast also entails Adam and Steve who are the guardians of Killian. They bring ‘home and hearth’ to Killian's life, along with being wonderful gay role models. The recurring characters give this series warmth, and with each novel I get to know them a little bit better, anchoring themselves in my heart.

All Lost Things is an amazing episode in Killian's life and I gobbled it all up in one take. Killian still has many internal struggles to deal with and I’m leaning towards the fact he has commitment issues as well. Sometimes I wish he wouldn’t doubt everything but at the same time it is a so very understandable because I know what he has dealt with in the past and present. Killian is just the kind of character you like to see in a happy place only the author gives various hints much more is in store for this young man. The thing is, over the course of three books it has seen to the fact I want to be there, for better or for worse I hope this series will go one for quite a while, with many more stories to be written!

In, All Lost Things, I found mysteries full of twists and turns which kept me on the edge of my seat as it steamed ahead to a riveting conclusion. I found engaging storylines of the familiar cast of characters which continues with struggles, tension, heartache and love for one another. And an attraction between two very likeable characters that shines bright in its possibilities. This story cemented the series on my keeper shelf!

4.5 stars

Quote that cracked a smile;
If you're here to sell me vacuums, I don't need anything that sucks,” she said from her front steps as we climbed out of the car. “If you're here to sell me encyclopedias I know everything I need to know. And if you're here to sell me Jesus, we've already met and we've agreed to keep our distance.”

Quote that referres to the title, which I loved!
I thought about it for a minute and the line Bryan had quoted, “All lost things are in the angels keeping.” I'd lost a lot, friends, family, boyfriends; it was comforting to think that everything I had lost was in the angels keeping. I liked it. I nodded and slipped my arm through Will's as we started walking again.