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More - Sloan Parker The potential of this authors ability to create interesting characters, sizzling bouts of erotic play and an interesting suspense, cast in a supportive role, is felt throughout reading MORE. I had a good time reading this story and though the balance leans a bit towards the erotic side of a gay ménage the characters are very likable. From a first person narrative Luke is the one I got to understand the most. He has major commitment issues and has every reason for them! Matthew and Richard completed the ménage with Matthew being an exuberant guy in his mid twenties and Richard being a very strong and older personality.

I loved the vibe they created, the gradual deepening of their romance, the dangers that were entwined and while the suspense didn't flow as smoothly within the story as I liked it had a great angle. Next to three potent and sexual driven guys giving it all to the reader there is also plenty emotions joining the sexy scenes. Especially Luke's issues took center stage but as the story unfolded they all encountered problems for them to deal with.

MORE is an easy-to-read and engaging erotic romance story that kept my attention from page to page. These are the kind of ménage’s I will never grow tired of; instant chemistry, lots of sex play founded in a multitude of emotions and a suspense to spice it all up in a different way. Sloan Parker definitely put herself on my radar!