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Defying the Odds - Kele Moon Defying The Odds is a completely different story than anything I read previous of Kele Moon. Instead of dark, complex and tormented, Kele Moon delivered a sweet and heartwarming romance in a small town setting. I let myself be enveloped by the seasons spirit and the warmth which emanated from the familiarity among the group of characters. One simple gesture between two people ignited a whirlwind of feelings and the romance blossoming makes my heart flutter in response. Usually I do the dark, tormented bad-boys but sometimes a genuine good guy, even though he is rough-around-the-edges, woes me into falling for him. Clay is such a character!

Kele Moon hits the bull’s eye again with a charming and personable cast of characters. Clay is a renowned MMA fighter whose physique makes people want to avoid him rather than to confront. He is big, he is gruff but his actions towards Melody speaks volumes of what kind of man he is at the core; caring and charming. Melody is a woman many will emphasize with as the battered ex-wife of a brutal man. She wants to create a new life in Garnet and she works hard at the diner to have sufficient funds for all the things she needs. I rarely grow tired of reading about women who want to take the reins back of their life and find the strength to deal with the emotional healing process. Melody is the epitome of such a character and I just liked her. She is kind, passionate and with enough attitude to show she has backbone. Melody and Clay both also have a certain down-to-earth personality trait which made it so exciting to watch them dream. To see them reach out for what they’ve always wanted; love. Oh, and of course at various moments they have plenty of mad monkey sex.

This is another thing Kele Moon has a knack for. Scorching the pages with heart-pounding, sexy-as-hell, eroticism. There’s a particular window scene that made me squirm in my seat. Which, let’s face it, is what a good erotic romance has the power to do! That the window scene didn’t turn out to fog over the windows is beyond me! Along with the sex play the conflict between Clay and Melody gained momentum towards the end. It may have been somewhat predictable but nevertheless it scored for effectiveness.

The small town setting inhabited enough interesting characters to make Garnet come alive for me. I had a push-pull with Sheriff Wyatt. He annoyed me with his showboat attitude but at the other hand endeared me with his loyalty and friendship. There is more to him, I can feel it, I just have to find out what! Now his sister Jules just rocked my reading world! Right from the bat Jules was an interesting female character with attitude but she knocked it out of the park for me as she hit my 'rare to find' humor button with her 80 dollar steak comment. Chef Hal, waitress Judy and later on, Romeo caught my interest in the best of ways. Kele Moon has more than enough for more stories in this series!

The storyline may not have been complicated or something that hasn’t been done is one form or another but there are three elements that make Defying The Odds so enjoyable to read. The characters; flawed, quirky and packing enough temperament to make them three dimensional. The MMA world also captured my interest and turned out to be such an enthralling yet dangerous world. I love more of that! And the combustible romance…so far, Kele Moon has never failed to affect me with how her characters find love and their significant other. I just inhale the romance this author gives me!!

Clay was lost.
He fell into the chasm, the pleasure pounding, the throb of it making white spots form in his vision. He fisted the sheets as his cock pulsed, filling Melody with the warm, sticky evidence of his pleasure. He shuddered and moaned in her arms, surrendering completely to the cataclysm of ecstasy.
It destroyed him.
It left him bare, exposed, and humble in the face of it.
He loved this woman.